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How Your Business Can Save Money Using Bonded Cellular

Bonded Cellular IBC

Bonded Cellular

Designed for everything from live news-gathering to traffic reporting, bonded cellular can be an incredible technology for your business.

Bonded cellular technology uses multiple cellular modems to transmit video using iptv video networking, avoiding many of the downsides of traditional cellular links. If your business depends on fast, efficient and stable live video, it can be a powerful tool that reduce transmission problems and save money.

Here’s how bonded cellular works. Instead of transmitting video over a single cellular link, which can result in everything from pix-elation to lost video and audio, bonded cellular involves the use of multiple cellular modems, each of which transmits live video footage.

Cellular Wireless Video Transmitter

By using multiple cellular modems, each of which delivers packets of a compressed video feed, bonded cellular avoids the biggest problem of conventional cellular links: a single point of failure for the entire feed.

With more bandwidth available and no single point of failure, bonded cellular can increase your live video’s reliability, all while avoiding many of the most common issues that can occur during live video transmission.

One aspect of bonded cellular that’s less obvious is its ability to help your business reduce costs in both the short and long term.

Most businesses view bonded cellular as a technology that can improve wireless video transmission and reduce the risk of transmission issues. But when used right, it can be a powerful tool that’s ideal for helping your business save money. Download the Bonded Cellular Guide.

According to an article in TV Technology, one of the biggest advantages news crews report from switching to bonded cellular is the low-cost reach it provides.

Arnie Loleng, operations manager for Ohlone TV, explained that bonded cellular technology lets the community college, which operates on a limited budget, “provide students with invaluable training” in live broadcasting.

Bonded Cellular for Live News, Sports, Live Reality TV & Contribution

Compared to many other broadcasting options, bonded cellular is highly affordable. Neal Boling, station manager of KHQ-TV, says that bonded cellular has “allowed us to economically expand our Montana stations’ coverage to encompass the entire state, rather than being limited to a few larger urban areas.”

There’s also another advantage to bonded cellular — one that indirectly contributed to its great level of affordability. Compared to many other transmission options, bonded cellular technology is extremely easy to use.

One of the most common phrases used to describe bonded cellular is “plug and play” — a major advantage in industries where complex satellite technology, which requires service vehicles and expert staff, was once the standard.

By reducing the need for advanced training and expert staff, bonded cellular allows businesses to run their live video operations at a lower cost. It’s also given small businesses that previously couldn’t compete in live video a chance to affordably transmit their content.

América TeVé, a small channel based in South Florida, is one of many examples featured in the TV Technology piece of small businesses using bonded cellular technology to compete with and broadcast alongside its larger live video competitors.

If your business depends on live video, bonded cellular technology can play a major role not just in improving reliability and helping you avoid the most common transmission issues, but also in helping you reduce your costs.

For small and mid-sized businesses that want to begin using live video or expand their amount of live video coverage, this is a major benefit. Instead of relying on expensive and complicated satellite technology, businesses can communicate live, on location, far more easily.

Is your business interested in bonded cellular technology? Our large range of Haivision bonded cellular equipment includes everything you needs to start using bonded cellular technology for a smoother, smarter and more cost effective live video solution.

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