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Is Technology-as-a-Service a Lease?

Last updated Nov 30, 2022 | Published on Oct 25, 2022 | Technology as a Service - TaaS

It is a common misconception that technology-as-a-service is just a lease. However, that’s not true. Technology-as-a-service differs from a typical lease in several important ways, which benefit you. If you’re interested in broadcast technology-as-a-service and end up with a lease for your broadcast equipment, you’ll likely be disappointed. So, it is essential to know the differences between the two and what benefits you should get from a technology-as-a-service arrangement.

With TaaS, You Won’t Own the Hardware

While with both leases and TaaS agreements, you do not pay the upfront price of your technology, you are never on the path to ownership when you have a TaaS agreement. This is a good thing when it comes to AV and broadcast equipment. You don’t want to own it because, typically, once you do, you wish you didn’t. Either the technology is outdated, and you wish you could have the quality or convenience of new options, or your organization has changed such that your equipment no longer suits your needs.

When either of these happens, and you have a TaaS agreement, you can switch to the new equipment you need anytime. There should not be a penalty or a roll-over fee for doing so, and there isn’t when you choose VidOvation Technology-as-a-Service. The only requirement is that the new equipment must be the same or greater value than your original purchase.  Conversely, with a lease, if the company allows you to get new technology, you must pay off your original lease before you can lease the new equipment. This steep financial penalty doesn’t make sense for most organizations.

So, with a TaaS model, you can scale better and keep up with changing technologies without financial penalty, which allows you to be more successful.

With TaaS, You Will Get Services

Yes, some leases offer some services for your equipment. However, many leasing companies offer these service packages as afterthoughts. Often, they do not truly have the expertise to handle the equipment maintenance themselves and contract the work out to a third party. However, with TaaS agreements, you are more likely to be dealing with a company that emphasizes these services, considers them an essential part of the value-offer of the arrangement, and has the expertise to provide the services in-house and to a high standard of quality.

Your services should be customized based on your specific equipment and your needs. A TaaS provider may develop proprietary options to deliver these services or hardware. Overall, a TaaS company is more invested in the services aspect of your agreement and puts more time and effort into providing excellent customer service. The arrangements are often multi-year and cover every service needed to keep the equipment functioning well for you.

VidOvation is proud to offer technology-as-a-service agreements for broadcasting and AV equipment. You can benefit from our expertise and support while gaining all the benefits that a TaaS agreement provides you that a loan or lease does not. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs.

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