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Join the Video over Fiber LinkedIn Group by Jim Jachetta

Published on Dec 12, 2013 | Fiber Optic Transport, Users Guides - Education

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Please click to join the Video over Fiber LinkedIn group. This is a group for fiber optic video transmission and general fiber optic professionals to network and share ideas. The group will address and discuss the technology, news, and solutions for video transmission over fiber optic cable for applications in the Broadcast Television, Sports, News, Corporate Audiovisual and Government Agencies.

Discussions to include but not limited to: Introduction to Fiber Optics; Fiber Optic Medium; Snell’s Law; Optical Windows & Spectrum; Materials; Modes; Refractive Index; Dispersion; Early Applications; Multiplexing; CWDM; DWDM; Information Transmission; Modulation; Connectors; Splicing; Design; Bandwidth; Optic Loss; Trouble Shooting; Maintenance; Applications for Broadcast TV, Sports, Corporate AV and Military; Optical Repeaters; Optical Amplifiers; RF, Satellite and CATV over Fiber; Fiber Optic Routing Switchers; Photonic Fiber Optic Switchers; Electro-optical Routing Switchers; 3G HD SDI over Fiber; 4K over Fiber; The Future of Fiber and more…

Invite your friends, colleagues, partners, clients and vendors! We welcome your participation and feedback. Thank you.

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