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July 4th Parade Shot by KABC using VidOlink Reacher II from VidOvation

Last updated Jul 14, 2023 | Published on Jul 10, 2023 | News, Wireless Video, Featured, Wireless Transmission

VidOvation VidOlink Reacher II 4200 in use by KABC ABC7 for the Huntington Beach Fourth of July Parade


See the VidOlink Reacher II 4200 in action by KABC 7 for coverage of the Huntington Beach July 4th Parade. Starting in 1904, The Huntington Beach Fourth of July Parade has been a tradition for over a century. The parade commemorated the arrival of the first passenger training connecting Huntington Beach to Long Beach and Los Angeles. KABC / ABC7 served as the official broadcasting partner for the 119th annual parade.

The VidOvation VidOLink Reacher II Advanced wireless transmitter and receiver system for video and audio transmission was vital to the live production wireless workflow.

VidOlink Reacher II Family of Video and Audio Wireless Transmitter/Receivers Enable Low-Cost, High-Quality Video Production

VidOvation VidOlink Reacher II Wireless Video Camera Links win NAB Award.

LAS VEGAS — The VidOlink Reacher II family of low-cost professional wireless video and audio transmitters and receivers received the NAB 2023 Product of the Year Award. The VidOlink Reacher II family is ideal for video production applications where it is impossible or impractical to run cables and wires or where cables would hinder. Besides offering high performance at a low cost, the VidOlink Reacher family delivers state-of-the-art picture quality, uses industry-standard power and video interfaces, and provides a simple setup with plug-and-play operation. The wide range of features across the product line offers solutions for everything from broadcasting and film production to corporate, military, and houses of worship applications.

Professional Wireless Video

A cost-effective wireless video transmitter and receiver could solve your acquisition, contribution, and HD video distribution. This will help you eliminate those cables while ensuring the highest output quality. It will eliminate the clutter of cables, making it easier to set up a wireless production set.

Running cables might still be a way that many individuals do business, but it can be inconvenient. Wireless products are convenient and easy to set up because you don’t have to run long wires around.

These devices have increased flexibility because the wireless receiver can quickly move around without installing new wires or rerouting old ones. Your crew can move around at any distance and enable you to create a safe environment since there is nothing to trip over.

Regardless of your industry, an extended range of these wireless products will ensure a seamless recording relay from one point source to another or multiple points simultaneously. This eliminates the usually long set and configuration process since the transmitter and receiver will automatically detect each other and connect.


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