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Learn How to Design an IPTV System for 1/3 the Cost

Last updated Feb 5, 2018 | Published on Apr 2, 2013 | News

Are you interested in IPTV and want to learn more from VidOvation, one of the leading vendors in this space?  

Do you want to learn how to prevent costly mistakes in designing and implementing an IPTV system?

Do you want to know how VidOvation can design you a broadcast quality video-over-IP system at 1/3 the cost of competing systems?

If so, just click here.  

VidOvation IPTV Guide Highlights:

  • Building an IPTV system with high-end features, quality, and performance at an entry level price point
  • IPTV Open architecture that enables flexibility in implementation
  • How Scalable Video Streaming over the Internet works
  • How Enterprise Multicast Video works
  • How Web-based Remote Video Monitoring works

Download FREE Introductory Guide to IPTV here. 

Video over IP Ethernet

If you want to learn more about VidOvation and how we can help with your video and data communications needs – just call me at 949-777-5435 x 1002.    Thank you.  Sincerely,

Gerald Hayashi
Sales Manager



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