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Learn Why PRO380 Bonded Cellular Transmitter is Superior

Published on Aug 23, 2020 | News

Every day I am asked by customers what are some of the differentiators offered by the PRO380 bonded cellular and IP remote field encoder compared to the competition. I like to share a testimonial from recent users in the field who have used the PRO380 next to the competition in real-world remote production applications for live sports.

Our live show is going great this week. We are live on ESPN 2 today thru Sunday. I have really been watching my XxxxX unit closely. I have the competitor’s backpack and your VidOvation backpack. I have been watching the data signals very close. The VidOvation is kicking butt compared to the XxxxX unit. I am seeing my XxxxX units struggle and the VidOvation stays rock solid. Data signal never drops, stays in a straight line. XxxxX graphs are all over the place. Up and down. I included 2 screenshots. There is no comparison. You guys have them beat hands down.

Broadcast Engineer, Sports Production

 PRO380 Rock Solid Signal & Bitrate. The unit easily achieves the maximum set bitrate of 3Mbps.


The unit from the competition is struggling with a bit rate dropping to zero, with an average of 1.6 Mb per second.

More Cellular Frequency Bands

You may ask why is the PRO380 performing so much better. Here are some of the reasons:


Superior Internal Cellular Modems.

The cellular modems used by PRO380 support virtually every cellular band available globally. The ability to connect to additional bands gives the system a much higher probability of finding a signal in challenging areas. In the StreamHub receiver interface, you will see next to each cellular modem a small label with a B with a number.   The label indicates the Band Number of the cellular connection (ie, B6 for band #6).

The unit is killing it for us right now. It stays rocksolid. We are live on ESPN2


Superior Patented Antennas.

Not all cellular and RF antennas are created equal. The PRO380 has put a significant investment into its RF R&D to deliver the highest performing cellular intent on the market. When you combine a superior antenna with an excellent cellular modem, you get far superior results.

The PRO380 unit exceeded our expectations. The side-by-side tests went really well compared to our XxxxX units

Superior packaging

As a customer mentions above, the PRO was the first bonded cellular manufacturer to mount a field encoder transmitter on the camera between the battery and the camera. Today the PRO380 is still the smallest profile eight cellular modem system that will mount between the camera and the battery.  The competition either does not offer a camera mounted solution, or their camera mounted solution is 50% larger than the Haivision PRO380.

PRO380 cellular field encoder mounts on the camera

My camera guys like the unit to. They don’t have to deal with a 10-foot video cable.

(The PRO380 mounts directly on the camera and you don’t have to have the unit on the ground or in a backpack.)


Analog Audio Inputs.

I’ve learned from working with sports and Field production companies that extra audio channels are always needed. The PRO and AIR-series both have stereo analog audio inputs on mini-XLR. Analog audio inputs give many VidOvation customers the ability to have extra microphones catching the action such as lapel microphones on commentators and talent, parabolic microphones capturing audio from a distance, Toptracer golf ball tracking systems and more.

We sent the PRO380 unit out today to an area that we knew was going to be difficult for cell coverage.  All in all the unit does better than the XXXX unit and that was our main goal. To see the difference. We had a XxxxX in that same area yesterday and could not get a signal.. We sent the PRO380 unit to the same exact spot and had signal.  It works better than the XXXX and that’s what we wanted to see. I am very happy with the unit. 

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