Live Fox News Video Transmission From Paris
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Live Fox News Video Transmission From Paris

Published on Nov 19, 2015 | News

Fox News recently performed a live demo of the AVIWEST Bonded Cellular system  to cover the recent happenings in France. The AVIWEST DMNG system was provided to Fox News by VidOvation.

See how it was used to cover breaking news in France

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Spontaneous news events are often best covered by using a system with diverse connections that is capable of auto-detecting the surrounding cellular wireless networks and making intelligent decisions without requiring the user’s attention. The AVIWEST DMNG PRO 3G/4G bonded cellular system can then transmit a live high definition video signal back to master control anywhere in the world.

Bonded cellular works well by combining several different. Let’s say you’re in an area with some rolling hills and you only manage to get 400 or 500 kilobits per second per modem. Aggregate that over 10 modems and you get two, three, four, five megabits per second through easily. Broadcasters often get up to a ten megabit per second back to master control with as little as three seconds of latency using this method.

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