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Live PD – Behind the Scenes with VidOvation & AVIWEST

There has been some recent chatter that the Live PD show on A&E may not be real.  The reason is that the video quality is just too good to be live.  VidOvation and AVIWEST were selected by the production company Big Fish Productions and A&E because it was the only wireless technology that worked.  All the other providers were tried and tested.  Big Fish need four bonded cellular links to stream four cameras in perfect synchronization with each other. There are two cameras inside the police vehicle and two cameramen in the back seat.  All four cameras need to arrive at A&E master control in perfect lip-sync and video synchronization with each other.  The competition would have one camera arrive 500 milli-seconds to late and another camera 500 milliseconds too early.  In short AVIWEST and VidOvation provided the only solution that worked.  In a live four camera production, perfect synchronization is a necessity. There is no time to sync the four cameras when broadcasting live. See the video below showing a typical police vehicle setup. Don’t take our word for it, just watch Live PD Friday and Saturday nights at 9 PM on A&E.  Learn more about Live Video Transmission via Bonded Cellular.