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Live Video Uses In The Medical Industry


Published on Oct 18, 2019 | Video Streaming - Webcasting

Medical professionals and digital content providers are joining forces in order to use their expertise to improve communication in the medical industry. With the development of wireless video, live-streaming services, and video productions, the healthcare sector has developed a valuable tool to help doctors share their knowledge and experiences with others.

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Video Production For Education and Communication In Medicine

With multiple options available for improved image quality at VidOvation, live-streaming medical lectures, surgical operations and improved procedures becomes an important training tool. For students, teachers and other professionals, being able to share information effectively will better prepare them for their own practices, and help improve the advice and care they give to their patients.

Wireless Video Training For Medical Students

In order to engage medical students in this day-and-age, live-steaming video with smartphones and tablets is used as an educational tool. With innovative streaming systems in place, medical students gain a simple, low cost, educational utility that offers convenience with advanced image resolution.

With advancements in virtual reality and augmented reality systems, medical students will soon be able to use computer-generated tools to aid them in their learning. By providing a reliable system and network with VidOvation, the necessary groundwork will be ready for advanced tools and future applications.

Information Sharing Between Medical Professionals

Medicine is an ever-evolving field that relies on its professionals to keep up with leading technologies, proper practices and other advances in medicine. Practicing doctors are often in need of brief training, making live-streaming video a useful tool for keeping the medical community updated through wireless video learning options.

Communicating Remotely With Medical Scribes

Documenting medical records, patient history and other key details is as important as initializing medical treatment. Since paperwork is often time-consuming for practicing doctors, live-streaming video helps create a system of scribes, where doctors outsource clerical jobs to people in other towns and cities to get the job done.

Live-video Streaming Surgeries

Live-video streaming has become popular for surgeons on the operating floor, in order to share their surgeries on dedicated platforms. Using upright and surgical cameras, surgeons are able to film their operating room from different angles, in order to capture every detail.

For surgeons that reside in a different city, or have knowledge of a rare condition, live-streaming surgeries give access to professionals that wouldn’t have been able to view the surgery before. In addition to the operating surgeon being in the room, live-streaming videos can expand the number of specialists available, allowing consulting to take place before, during and after the procedure.

For surgeries that don’t consist of a senior doctor in the place, monitoring procedures through live-video streaming can add an interactive session and eliminate surgical risks. From a patient standpoint, surgeries that are broadcast to a larger audience are often safer when recording takes place.

Consulting and Teleconferences

Live-video streaming equipment and networks break down barriers for reaching audiences in different hospitals, cities and countries. Medical specialists, surgical teams and nurses can communicate more easily to provide their patients with the proper care they need.

Teleconferencing Between Medical Professionals

Medical video streaming is used to share knowledge, research material and new equipment demos between professionals. Conducting surgeries with an expert surgeon supervising through live-video streaming helps other doctors gain expertise in new surgeries, advanced tools, or rare conditions.

In some cases, with time being a critical factor, doctors need to get opinions from other professionals in order to make a quick decision. By using live-video streaming networks, doctors can easily establish communication in order to get a second opinion, saving time, frustration and sometimes a patient’s life.


Telemedicine Between Doctors and Patients

Live stream consultations give patients a broader choice when choosing good doctors, not only for treatments but also for diagnosing problems. By being able to connect with their doctor, patients can get an understanding of their condition without the need to travel to the office.

Live-video streaming options can help elderly patients who aren’t able to travel as quickly, or patients in remote areas who don’t have access to reliable transportation. Enhancing the communication between medical professionals and patients also cuts down on patient wait time.

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