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Maximize Communication and Engagement with Digital Signage

Published on Aug 21, 2023 | Digital Signage

Creating new ways to engage with partners, investors, clients, and consumers is huge for business owners. Companies are constantly looking for ways to optimize outgoing communication in a way that influences incoming engagement.

At VidOvation, we have the perfect solution for this goal—digital signage.

Here, we’ll break down the meaning of digital signage, how it fits into the business world, and ways you can use it to maximize engagement.

Understanding Digital Signage

The name says it all, and chances are, you’ve seen it more often than you realize. Digital signage is the displaying of a slogan, brand, or another message electronically. The message is displayed throughout a specified area by way of LCD screens or LED displays.

One of the greatest advantages of digital signage use is cost-effectiveness. Business owners are always looking for ways to save in marketing. This is an affordable way for companies of any size, in any industry, to connect with other businesses and consumers.

Common Uses of Digital Signage

Digital signage can be used in a multitude of ways. Sporting stadiums use them to advertise food and drinks, update scores, and send messages to attendees. Hotels use them to tell guests about special events, point out included amenities, and notify them of mealtimes and other important features.

Some industries that frequently use digital signage include:

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Sporting facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Public areas
  • University campuses

A famous and widely recognized example of digital signage is Times Square in New York City. Time Square is known for its blindingly bright screens advertising everything from McDonald’s to Gucci to the latest Broadway show.

How Does Digital Signage Help with Engagement?

Your staff can’t be everywhere at once. Digital signage gives your brand a voice when employees aren’t present to vocalize or in bustling areas where voices can’t be heard. Digital signage provides answers to questions consumers may not even realize they have.

Some of the ways you can benefit from digital signage include:

Personalized and Exclusive Promotions

Your digital signage is tailored to your customers. A focus on consumers lets them know you care and enhances brand loyalty and overall connection. You can vastly improve your customer’s experience with your company by personalizing promotions in your signage.

Use digital signage to introduce new products, announce local events, market unique service or product details, or offer discounts and early access. A great way to add extra flair to your digital display is with a QR or promo code. Only customers who use the code from your signage receive the deal.

Useful Local Information

Depending on the type of services you offer, your clients might use your digital signage to plan their day. Include things like:

  • Local news
  • Local weather
  • Top attractions in the area
  • New products or services to check out

Each of these snippets of information is easy to display and packs a lot of use for your customer. These interactive signage ideas speak directly to consumers in your location about relevant details of the day.

Far Reach

Catering to your customers isn’t always about content. Your digital signage also needs to connect and engage by providing consistent reach. VidOvation offers quality video assist for 100 meters. This gives you the ability to live stream to your customers within 100 meters of the camera.

We also have a live stream option for up to 40 miles. This mobile wireless COFDM solution gives end-to-end latency of under two frames. Keep messages clean, consistent, and high definition, with a low risk of delay or lag from camera to signage.

Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully, this blog has been helpful in shedding light on the use of digital signage to enhance your engagement game.

Some things to consider as you plan your own digital signage are:

  • Number of signs needed
  • Where signs will be mounted
  • Number of channels needed
  • Typical weather and environment at sign areas
  • Standard of high-def video delivery
  • Looped or changing information

With so many consumers focused on social media, streaming, and visuals, it’s no surprise that digital signage is not only cost-effective but impactful.

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