Mistake #1 - Deploying Enterprise IPTV
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Mistake #1 – Deploying Enterprise IPTV

Published on Jun 30, 2017 | News

1. Not Allowing for the distribution of Live Television and Video to the desktop, laptop, smartphone, smart TVs and tablets

Enterprise IPTV

Enterprise IPTV

A typical RF coaxial television system is only going to allow for the distribution to specific displays and TV’s.

Do you need to access video content over the corporate wide area network at the desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, set-top box, Smart TV, TVs, and Displays?

If yes, VidOvation TV is the right choices. The way users function and interact in the corporate setting is rapidly changing. We are not bound to the displays in our offices, break rooms, hallways, lobbies etc. We need to access our corporate content right at our fingertips on ANY device. This is an absolute necessity for your enterprise content delivery network.

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