Mistake #2 - Deploying Enterprise IPTV
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Mistake #2 – Deploying Enterprise IPTV

Published on Jul 7, 2017 | Enterprise & In-house IPTV

Mistake #2 – Getting stuck with one content provider (CATV/SAT) or without open architecture

Enterprise IPTV

IPTV with Cable DirecTV Dish Network Internal Feeds

The biggest down-side to working directly with a content provider is their tendency to control the content allowed on your network. Even if you were able to switch, the hardware and software provided by them will “miraculously” be incompatible. You will want to ensure that you can pick and choose the content for your network as you like as well as implement open architecture equipment as to keep your options open all the time. This is important for cases in which, say one provider raises rates, you can have the ability to switch to another provider. Also, it allows you to mix and match the content from multiple different satellite and cable providers.

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