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Mistake #4 – Deploying Enterprise IPTV – No VOD Support

Published on Jun 20, 2017 | News

4. Not allowing integration of your own VOD content with DirecTV, Dish or Cable content

Enterprise IPTV Video On Demand

Enterprise Video On Demand – VOD

A great enterprise video networking system has the capacity for the storage and dissemination of corporate content to employees. Stored video can be relevant information, updates or training for employees.

A broadcast or media company can fully integrate their media asset management system with their Enterprise IPTV video on demand function.  Any video in their media library can be recalled and watch through the Enterprise IPTV system on Desktops, PCs, MACs, Smart TVs, Set-top Boxes, Mobiel Devices, and Tablets.

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Another example of this may be a corporation-wide HR video that must be watched by everyone

In-house IPTV

Enterprise IPTV with DirecTV

by the end of the day. With your own content distribution, an activity that cost a large amount of time and money can now be accomplished very efficiently within the hour.

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