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Mobile Satellite Video Delivery Enhanced with Haivision / Hughes

Last updated Jul 11, 2023 | Published on Apr 1, 2015 | Video over Cellular

As you know, VidOvation is proud to bring the Haivision DMNG PRO110 cellular video uplink to the United States market. The following news positively effects a feature of this product, specifically, the delivery of video signals over Inmarsat’s BGAN mobile satellite network. Read the release below.

NABShow 2015 Wireless Cellular Video Haivision

For Immediate Release

Haivision Enhances Video Delivery Over Mobile Satellite
Through New Collaboration With Hughes

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — March 31, 2015 — Haivision, a global provider of video
contribution systems, today announced a new collaboration with Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite networks and services, to improve delivery of video signals over Inmarsat’s BGAN mobile satellite network. At the 2015 NAB Show, booth SU6716, Haivision will demonstrate a fully integrated solution featuring the company’s DMNG PRO video uplink system and the Hughes 9211-HDR high data rate BGAN satellite terminal.

“Today’s consumers demand crystal-clear video quality on a wide range of devices, which can be a challenging feat for broadcasters when they’re covering a breaking news story or live event,” said Ronan Poullaouec, CTO of Haivision. “By combining our DMNG PRO advanced video uplink system with the Hughes 9211-HDR BGAN satellite terminal, we offer a compact, lightweight, and reliable solution for delivering high-quality video over Inmarsat’s BGAN network, enabling broadcasters to effectively meet consumer demand for superior quality of service.”

Operating on Inmarsat’s BGAN HDR service network, the Hughes 9211-HDR transmits
information in real-time over an adaptive channel, allowing the available satellite bit rate to
increase above the minimum committed information rate level. This allows the DMNG PRO to compress video content based on the current network conditions to deliver optimal video quality. The integrated solution is ideally suited for environments where there is no Internet connection or poor 3G/4G cellular wireless network connections.

Rugged and lightweight, the Hughes 9211-HDR terminal features a hardened and compact design that makes it easy to use in remote newsgathering environments. Through the BGAN terminal, users can connect to Inmarsat’s HDR service at streaming broadband speeds of over 650 kbps to quickly transmit video and other critical data. The 9211-HDR also features built-in, multi-user Wi-Fi access, enabling users to send and receive IP traffic via Ethernet and/or 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, including voice or fax via a standard telephone connection.

“Hughes BGAN satellite terminals offer an optimum balance of high performance, superior quality of service, and low cost, answering the complex needs of today’s broadcasters,” said Graham Avis, vice president and general manager of Hughes San Diego. “We are proud to collaborate with Haivision on this integrated solution, which brings increased flexibility, reliability, ease of use, and impeccable quality to the video delivery world.”

Haivision’s DMNG PRO Series is the world’s most advanced 3G/4G video uplink family for newsgathering applications, featuring multiple cellular connections, a built-in Wi-Fi modem, and best-in-class H.264 video encoders, all in a compact, lightweight, and portable design that is perfect for use in the field. The pocket-sized systems have been deployed worldwide by a number of international, national, and local TV channels; video content operators; and news agencies.

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