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Learn what’s new from VidOvation and our partners Haivision, AVIWEST, Vislink, Mobile Viewpoint, MultiDyne, and Cyanview at NAB NY 2022 booth 1044

2022 NAB Show New York, October 19-20 in New York City. Get a complimentary exhibit guest pass with code NY9697. [Click]

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Maybe you saw the newest tech and solutions at the spring show? And now you’re heading to NAB NY to find out how to make them work best for your operations?
If so, stop by the VidOvation booth (Level 3 — 1044) to discover how to implement innovative live video production, cloud services, broadcasting, IPTV, digital signage, and streaming systems to simplify your workflow and reduce your costs.
You’ll get the chance to chat with our pros about the technologies that can make a difference for your business. Learn how to overcome key challenges so you can seize new opportunities!

  • Implement at-home remote production (REMI) without headaches.
  • Create more live content while cutting costs.
  • Establish frame-accurate genlock and lip-sync across multiple untethered cameras.
  • Ensure legal compliance in your in-house IPTV and digital signage system.\
  • Leverage industry-approved Verimatrix or Pro:Idiom DRM and encryption.
  • Integrate a custom TV distribution system into your existing infrastructure.
  • Eliminate cabling clutter with wireless video, audio, and data links.
  • Deploy robust ultra-low latency, bi-directional radio with dynamic FEC & ARQ with fully integrated intercom and camera control.

You’ll find these and other fantastic solutions at the VidOvation booth at NAB NY. Even better, you’ll find a team of pros ready to discuss your next project’s details. To reserve time to chat, use my calendar link to book a meeting. I’d love to see you at the show!


VidOlink Reacher II Family of Professional Wireless Video, Audio, Intercom, and Tally Links

A cost-effective wireless video transmitter and receiver could be the solution to your acquisition, contribution, and distribution of HD video. This will help you eliminate those cables lying around while ensuring the highest quality of your output. It will eliminate the clutter of cables, making it easier to set up a wireless production set.

Running cables might still be a way many individuals do business, but it can be inconvenient. Wireless products are very convenient and easy to set up because you don’t have to run long wires around.

These devices have increased flexibility because the wireless receiver can be moved around easily without needing to install new wires or re-route old ones. Your crew can move around at any distance and enable you to create a safe environment since there is nothing to trip over.

Regardless of the industry, you are in, a long range of these wireless products will ensure a seamless relay of recording from one point source to another or to multiple points all at once. This eliminates the usually long set and configuration process since the transmitter and receiver will automatically detect each other and connect.

Our team at VidOvation recommends these products with proven quality and benefits to our customers. Our solutions aim to remove the frustrations of signal loss, latency, interference, noise, and security issues.

VidOvation excels in helping its clients integrate custom solutions into existing infrastructure, with the ability to satisfy almost any application or budget. Our company applies proven expertise to the complete project life cycle — from project consulting and management to engineering and design, to warranty and support.

Learn how Paramount / ViacomCBS Reduces Costs by Keeping an Eye on the Production Floor With IPTV from VidOvation

By using VidOvation IPTV to deliver live internal studio feeds, DirecTV, and playout of its own content, Paramount / ViacomCBS can monitor quality control during production and distribution.

In this training session, attendees will learn how to design a successful, impressive, cost-effective IPTV and digital signage system that suits your unique requirements and budget, including:

  • How to stream live video off-site to remote customers and employees working at home
  • What’s needed to successfully implement and support live TV distribution to every device – Smart TVs, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, computer desktops, and more
  • Learn how to distribute live television from DirecTV, Dish Network, cable, Over-The-Air TV, internal live feeds, studio feeds, and more
  • Connect your Master Control Routing Switch outputs to the IPTV system for distribution across the enterprise.
  • How to integrate a video-on-demand capability and full, multiplatform content library
  • How to identify red flags and avoid the top costly project mistakes
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) related legal issues at stake
  • Fully integrated Digital Signage with the VidOvation IPTV system or the integration of virtually any third-party digital signage or media player.

Haivision / AVIWEST to Showcase Innovations in Cloud, IP, and 5G Video Streaming

Experience the Future of Live Broadcast

Join Haivision experts to discover its comprehensive and innovative IP, cloud, and mobile broadcast video solutions and the latest technologies for remote production workflows in live sports, news, and entertainment.

Get an up-close look at Haivision’s high-performance video contribution and distribution solutions, including:


Game-Changing 5G contribution

Discover the latest 4K/UHD bonded cellular technology for broadcasting live events from anywhere, including an exciting new addition to our solutions portfolio. Powered by both SRT and SST protocols, the best-in-class Pro460 and the versatile StreamHub offer the greatest workflow flexibility and the lowest end-to-end latency over 5G networks.


Decentralized Remote Production

Cover more events at higher quality, and lower costs with the Makito X4 low latency video encoders and decoders. Broadcast all the angles with multi-camera synchronization, contribute to on-premise or cloud workflows, and collaborate seamlessly with decentralized teams.



Future-Proof Cloud Workflows

Leverage our new cloud technology for intuitive central management of all live streams, transcodes, and routing workflows. Streamline your operations and simplify your workflow orchestration by remotely managing all your mobile transmitters and wired video devices.



Coming soon: New cloud solution will be announced!

At this year’s IBC we will share our vision for the future of broadcast contribution. Following our acquisition of AVIWEST, our remote production solutions portfolio is more extensive and powerful than ever. We are excited to meet with our customers face to face to demonstrate how they can benefit from our latest cloud, IP and 5G innovations and our expanded live video contribution product portfolio to make live broadcasting easier, sustainable, and cost-effective.

Ghislain Colette, Vice President of Product Management, Broadcast at Haivision

Emmy Award-Winning Technology

The world’s leading broadcasters trust Haivision’s video streaming and encoding solutions for high quality, low latency contribution, and distribution workflows.

2022 Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards 2021-2016


Top Companies in Online Video 2021

Companies that Matter Most in Online Video

Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint Will Demonstrate All-IP and AI-Driven Live Production Solutions at NAB NY 2022

Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint and will be demonstrating their All-IP and 5G live production solutions at NAB NY in the VidOvation booth 1044.

Our theme for the event will be Live Broadcast: Vislink Has it Covered. We will showcase our broad array of solutions for the Capture, Contribution, Production, Distribution, and Monetization of live content.


HCAMthe most widely deployed HEVC 4K UHD wireless transmitter, which features double the transmission range of legacy MPEG-4 HD devices and sub-single frame latency;

Mobile Viewpoint IQ SportsProducer: AI-assisted automated live sports production and streaming solution;

Mobile Viewpoint vPilot: an automated, AI-driven studio system that enables visually compelling content at far lower costs than traditionally possible;

Mobile Viewpoint TrolleyLive: an all-in-one-production unit for remote live broadcasts, self-contained in one manageable portable box;

Quantum Receiver: an IP-native, high-performance RF receiver that enables production teams to fully implement remote production systems to increase efficiencies;

Mobile Viewpoint LinkMatrix: central platform for synchronizing all data sources and managing all camera and encoder devices;

Mobile Viewpoint BaseLink: a market-leading mid-range WMT mobile encoder that is widely used by numerous global broadcasters and public agencies for their critical live streaming needs;

Mobile Viewpoint UltraLink:  a backpack transmitter that delivers true 50/60 frames-per-second 4K and Ultra HD video quality from the field using 4G bonding technology;


Vislink Presents Updates to IQ Sports Producer at 2022 NAB New York

Vislink (Nasdaq: VISL), a global technology leader in the capture, delivery, and management of high-quality, live video and associated data in the media & entertainment, law enforcement and defense markets, will showcase the latest updates to its AI-driven IQ Sports Producer at VidOvation NAB NY booth1044 including the ability to now also use a range of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras to capture live events with the highest quality optics, and encode the AI-directed content for live streaming platforms. In addition, this capability is supported by Vislink’s full suite of software tools, including LinkMatrix and NFT Clipper.

Vislink’s IQ Sports Producer provides high-quality live broadcast sports productions driven by an artificial intelligence engine to track the sporting action and produce an exciting and engaging production. IQ Sports Producer delivers broadcast quality images using a choice of high-quality 4K camera systems to produce single or multi-camera productions, such as the company’s Stellar Cam.

Now, the use of PTZ cameras can be integrated into the IQ Sports Producer workflow. This provides users with the highest quality imaging by dedicating the full frame of the PTZ camera image to the sporting action at full broadcast frame rates. Further, a simple overview camera allows the AI engine to steer the broadcast PTZ camera to the heart of the sporting action.

“We are very excited about incorporating PTZ cameras into IQ Sports Producer, as this provides even more capture angles for our customers with greater capability to follow the sporting action,” says Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink. “The new feature provides full-frame HD imaging centered on the sporting action and benefits from superior broadcast-quality optical zoom capability of a PTZ camera, as opposed to digital zoom. We have already deployed PTZ cameras as part of IQ Sports Producer on AI-produced NSC (National Sports Center) Velodrome events and have plans to roll this out to other sports broadcasts in the coming months.”

Since its acquisition of Mobile Viewpoint, a leading manufacturer of bonded encoder technology for 4K video support, 5G network communication, and AI, among other advanced remote production solutions, Vislink is now able to offer a larger breadth of solutions. Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint team members will be onsite at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam from September 9-13.

VidOvation provides live video production, cloud services, broadcasting, IPTV, digital signage, and streaming systems that simplify your workflow and save costs. Expect at-home remote production (REMI) without headaches. Create more Live Content while saving costs. Demand frame-accurate genlock & lip-sync across multiple untethered cameras. Ensure legal compliance in your in-house IPTV & digital signage system. Expect industry-approved Verimatrix or Pro:Idiom DRM & encryption. Integrate a custom TV distribution system into your existing infrastructure. Eliminate the clutter of cabling with wireless video, audio & data links. Demand a robust ultra-low latency, bi-directional radio with dynamic FEC & ARQ with fully integrated intercom & camera control. Encompassing Emmy award-winning bonded cellular, wireless video, video streaming, video over IP, encoding, IP probing, monitoring & multiviewer, enterprise IPTV, Verimatrix & Pro:Idiom digital rights management (DRM) & encryption, digital signage, and fiber-optic communications systems, VidOvation solutions improve video transmissions by removing the frustrations of signal loss, latency, interference, noise, and security issues. In addition to VidOvation manufactured products, we also represent great brands such as ABonAir, AVIWEST, Cobalt Digital, Haivision, Mobile Viewpoint, MultiDyne Fiber, SimplyLive, Technicolor, Vislink, and more.

Product Catagories Include:

  • Capitalize > Connected TV / OTT / Hybrid / IPTV
  • Capitalize > Digital Signage (Hardware and Software)
  • Capitalize > Streaming Media Devices
  • Connect > 5G
  • Connect > Cloud Computing
  • Connect > Encoding
  • Connect > Microwave / RF Accessories
  • Connect > RF Transmission
  • Create > Cameras and Lenses
  • Create > Intercoms
  • Create > Mobile / Vehicle Production
  • Create > Motion Picture / Film Production
  • Create > Switchers: Production
  • Create > Television / Video Production
  • Intelligent Content > Vision AI

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