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NAB Show 2015 – New Wireless & Cellular Video Links – VidOvation Blog

Published on Mar 9, 2015 | NAB Show

NAB Show 2015 – New Wireless & Cellular Video – Exhibit Free Pass Code LV6933

New Wireless Video Links at NABShow 2015

The VidOlink Reacher is our newest broadcast-grade HDMI/HDSDI wireless video transmission link, capable of reaching 1000 feet or 300 meters with zero latency and no compression. The transmitter is very compact and lightweight ensuring exceptional maneuverability. This makes the unit ideal for video assist and on-set monitoring, news and sports broadcasts, UAV, military, corporate and other applications in which typical wireless systems either fall short on distance or are too pricey.  See it at NABShow 2015.

New Cellular Video Links at NABShow 2015

The AVI West Pro110 features up to 10 cellular connections (ten USB interfaces for external USB modems), a built-in Wi-Fi modem, and two best-in-class H.264 video encoders. This cellular video system can be used to stream live HD video down to the receiver with minimal delay, which allows broadcasters to produce live seamlessly. Work over wireless and cellular networks, satellite, LAN, WAN, or live to any CDN.

NABShow 2015 Wireless Video transmission free pass vip exhibitor guest

VidOlink Reacher Wireless Video System, to be unveiled at NABShow 2015

NABShow 2015 Wireless Cellular Video Haivision

Haivision Cellular Video Uplink, to be unveiled at NABShow 2015







NAB Show 2015: VIP Guest Exhibitor Pass LV6933

We are excited to bring these New Wireless and Cellular Video Transmitter / Receiver Transmission systems to NABShow 2015. If you intend on visiting NABShow 2015 looking for Wireless Video and Cellular Video Communication systems, please stop by Booth C1113. This is located near the front door of the central hall on the right, across from GoPro, we will be introducing new affordable broadcast quality wireless, cellular and ethernet-based transport systems. Additionally, catch the presentation 4308 by our Chief Technology Officer entitled “Achieve 10Gbps Wireless Data Rates for 4K Video with Unlicensed 60GHz Spectrum”.

NAB Show 2015: VIP Guest Exhibitor Pass LV6933


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