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New Wireless Video from ABonAir: Only 7 msec Delay! – VidOvation Blog

Last updated Feb 25, 2018 | Published on Jan 10, 2018 | News

7 msec Delay – 2 Mile Range – Wireless Camera System by AB on Air

Are you looking for a very low latency, broadcast quality, and long-range wireless camera

wireless video

AB512 Wireless Video Camera Mount

back system for sports, news and live events? Check out ABonAir’s AB512™ wireless video system. ABonAir has achieved the highly sought after goal of 7 milli-seconds or sub-frame latency while still using the industry standard of H.264 encoding. The typical latency of 2-6 frames or 30-90 milliseconds is not acceptable in many applications. ABonAir’s very low latency of 7 milliseconds is a game changer.

Transmit video directly from cameras to your remote truck wirelessly, with only 7 milliseconds delay.
Sports, news, and reality shows have unrepeatable moments… football goals, parachutists’ landings, split-second finishes. You can’t afford to miss a second of crucial content in your broadcast. Wireless transmission means your camera operator can get the shots that aren’t possible with an encumbered cabled camera.

Low latency, reliable transmission, broadcast quality video, great price!

    • Low latency – 7 msec delay
    • Switch between multiple live cameras with no lip sync issues
    • High picture quality – H.264 CODEC
    • Uses free, unlicensed frequencies
    • Use with any camera and any video format
    • Exceptionally robust and reliable transmission
    • Wide coverage distance – 3km/2miles
  • 1U or Portable Receiver for maximum flexibility
  • Plus intercom, IFB, camera control and paint

Wireless Video

We’re super excited to team up with ABonAir and bring their new products to you here in the U.S. Just reply to this email or call if you’d like more info or a demo.

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