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NHL Refs Get a Clear Shot at Goal with 60GHz Wireless Video | Video Podcast

Last updated Mar 16, 2020 | Published on May 9, 2015 | Applications - Industries, Podcast

White paper and NAB speech on Bridging the Gap without Cables: NHL Refs Get a Clear Shot at Goal with 60GHz Wireless Video

When a remote or hostile location makes it impossible to send an HD signal over

60GHz Wireless Video

GoalView GoalCam Goal-line Technology

traditional means, what options does a broadcaster have? The NHL may have one of the most extreme environments needing to deliver a clear signal to a replay official at headquarters, not at the venue, instantly to confirm whether or not a goal was scored. A cable can’t be run through ice, the goal gets hit by athletes skating full speed and a puck traveling over 100 MPH, and the mobile band is saturated by the fans in the arena. During this session, attendees will explore the ways to implement, install, and support a 60GHZ wireless video camera system that can deliver a clear, uncompressed HD signal up to 500 meters. They will also get to understand the technical and implementation challenges the NHL overcame and be able to add this insight into their projects to bridge the gap where traditional cable and wireless won’t work.   

Downloads and Links:

(Click) Bridging the Gap without Cables – White Paper

CNBC Interview with VidOvation’s Jim Jachetta on NHL’s Wireless HD SDI GoalCam

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