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Optimizing Video Distribution With Haivision


Last updated Jun 10, 2019 | Published on Jun 6, 2019 | Video Streaming - Webcasting

Technical challenges with digital streaming often prevent home viewers from achieving the ideal entertainment experience. From speed lags to dropped packets, live video distribution is a common challenge for those across the entertainment industry.

Now, a new solution, Haivision’s HE4000 HEVC Encoders with SafeStreams, is simplifying the process and resolving a number of technical issues for video production firms. Let’s explore the benefits of the latest Haivision product.

Overcoming Unpredictable Network Conditions

The Haivision solution is designed to overcome even the most unpredictable network conditions with a consistent approach to live video feed management. The product combines HEVC encoding with Haivision’s SafeStreams contribution technology to guarantee superior video quality during a live feed while also significantly reducing the cost of video transmission.

Advanced Forward Error Correction

A key advantage of the Haivision SafeStreams system is its Advanced Forward Error Correction, which mitigates feed problems before they impact the audience. The product also deploys automatic re-requests to continually ensure the feed is running as required.

Another way in which the platform ensures exceptional reliability is through the use of adaptive bit-rate encoding, which helps support high-quality content throughout the live feed. And the redundancy level can be set at 100% so that each packet is delivered twice for assured transmission results.

Reduce the Costs Associated With Fiber Cabling and Telecoms

Broadcast companies working with cable companies and other telecommunications firms often rely on expensive equipment to ensure their live video reaches their audience at the required quality levels. Switching to live streaming technology and video distribution using the Haivision system is helping firms significantly consolidate cable costs.

Now, the HE4000 live encoder sends video through the public internet and other networks that are practically free for all to use, given a subscription to a local internet service.

Genlock Capabilities

The goal in supporting live video feed is to ensure the audience receives a clear picture through which the video and the audio are synchronized with precision. That is achieved through the genlock process within the Haivision equipment. The genlock has been used expertly in shows such as Live PD, in which police officers across several jurisdictions are followed and recorded as they complete their daily tasks. The Haivision bonded cellular systems with SafeStreams help ensure the simultaneous transmission of 36 live video streams up to 3,000 miles away. The genlock technology synchronizes the pictures and video across the live feed so that audiences don’t miss a second of the action.

Reduce Demand for Local Production Trucks

Oftentimes, entertainment companies and live news organizations invest thousands of dollars in mobile networking equipment and trucks that can be placed at the scene for each live event. The technology was required to ensure that a live video could be recorded at the location directly and then transported via video feed to other organizations and to viewers at home.

Video Recording

The latest innovation from Haivision helps mitigate the need for heavy local networking investments. With broadcast-quality video now being distributed across 4G, LAN, Wi-Fi, and public internet, live event streaming is simplified, and distribution of the feed can be optimized. This is ideal for news organizations with regional stations across the country.

Superior Agility

A key challenge when optimizing video distribution is giving users control over the content they receive. The Haivision system works to enable users to record, store, and forward 4K, UHD, and HD content at low bit-rates. SafeStreams technology also supports the transportation for the feed across the public internet at speeds as high as 100Mbps.

The Pro and AIR series of the Haivision system feature a camera-mount or backpack alternative, which is ideally suited to multi-camera video productions such as live sports events.

Works With Patented, Long-Range Antennae

Consumer USB modems that have previously been used for distribution of live video feeds often experience cross coupling and interference due to the limited signals picked up by the local cell towers. The use of high-gain, long-range antennae within the Haivision solution has helped mitigate this problem and ensures that the video feed effectively travels to the cell tower.

It’s an innovation in broadcasting that is giving the power back to the video producers and enabling production companies to support an unparalleled viewing experience. Your organization can now cut transmission costs, improve video feed reliability, and take entertainment to the next level for your audience.

To learn more about the Haivision encoders with SafeStreams technology and get a sales quote, contact our team at VidOvation today!

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