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Peace of Mind and Flexibility for Your Video Project with Technology as a Service (TaaS)

Published on Jan 24, 2023 | Technology as a Service - TaaS

What happens if you make the wrong decision when you purchase technology? Whether hardware or software, there can be major ramifications when making a large investment but not being able to use the technology in the way that you envisioned. These days, there are many technological advancements that are truly revolutionary and new products that only seem to be revolutionary. How do you tell them apart and even know if the latest technology will even benefit you or work with your unique circumstances?

Technology-as-a-Service is the solution. When it comes to broadcasting, IPTV, audio-visual equipment and other hardware, VidOvation offers flexible technology-as-a-service options which will protect your investment and allow you to get the result or final product that you need to. Here’s why a technology-as-a-service package from us makes sense for anyone who isn’t sure which specific hardware or software they need.

Change Technology at Any Point

When you’re purchasing your own equipment, you may not be certain that you’re making the right decision. There are many options for most technologies. For example, if you’d like to make a video recording of a new medical procedure, which camera should you use? Even if you choose the best camera for your needs now, your needs may change very quickly, especially depending on the success of your first video.

We have worked with many government branches, medical offices, churches and other institutions which did not realize how popular their video content would be and knew immediately that they should make a bigger investment in technology. Our broadcast technology-as-a-service and AV-as-a-service plans allow you to make changes to your technology at any time. The moment your needs change, or you realize you need something new, we can help.

Get the Savings of a Long-term Commitment

When you hear that you can switch up your equipment at any time, you may be worried you’re paying a high premium for the flexibility of a hardware technology-as-a-service package. However, that isn’t the case. You’re committed to a 36-month to 60-month contract, which means that you pay the costs of your technology over a long time period at a fixed rate. You do get the savings of having a long-term commitment with your TaaS provider.

In addition, while it might seem like purchasing your equipment and technology outright is the most cost-effective option, it often is not. Your technology often becomes obsolete before you expect and you end up needing to purchase new equipment. This is never a concern with technology-as-a-service.

Expert Guidance from Professionals

The “service” portion of technology-as-a-service is often underrated. It is extremely valuable to have professionals available to help guide your technology decisions and offer the maintenance and repair you’ll need.

Broadcast Technology-as-a-Service from VidOvation

We offer IPTV technology-as-a-service, broadcast technology-as-a-service and much more. Our plans offer customers exclusive protection, flexibility, and control needed to operate efficiently.

Get in touch with us today to get started!

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