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Planning on CCW 2015? Guest Pass Code: NY3624 – VidOvation Blog

Published on Oct 13, 2015 | News

Content & Communications World (CCW) is the NAB of New York, New York. This monumental media & entertainment event on the United States East coast will bring you into a realm of next-gen technology enabling your organizations to “do the impossible”.

Guest Pass Code: NY3624

CCW 2015 – VidOvation (booth 1442)

You will find conferences on news, live event streaming,editing workflow, motion graphics, visual effects, production techniques, color and finishing. However, if you are looking for help with the transmission of video, Jim Jachetta of VidOvation may be the person you want to speak with. With a history of pioneering custom video transport solutions such as this one, Jim can help you come up with an affordable way to get video from anywhere to anywhere else using wireless, cellular, ip/ethernet, fiber optic, or cable/coax technologies.

VidOvation will be demonstrating a low cost IPTV system as well as the newest version of the Haivision DMNG PRO180, a remarkable bonded cellular uplink system that is changing the landscape of bonded cellular in the United States. Please use Guest Pass Code NY3624 and stop by and take a look at VidOvation Booth 1442.

One of the hot workshops is “The Newsroom of Tomorrow: Balancing Better, Faster and Cheaper”. The trick here is to use more automation in the editorial process in place of human judgement in order to lower costs, but not to the extent that the content quality is sacrificed. We are also looking at impact of 3rd party tools and outsourced solutions on a newsrooms workflow and a variety of other TV newsroom technology challenges.

That workshop unfortunately doesn’t address bonded cellular technologies, but the title nearly demands it. Bonded cellular technologies have a very promising future for “better, faster, and cheaper”. Any newsroom looking to gain an edge already leases or outright owns a few uplinks already. This technology is only going to become more prominent as cellular networks expand and strengthen.

So the question for broadcasters has transformed from, “Should we use bonded cellular systems?” to “Which system should we use?”

Manufacturers are continually tweaking and perfecting their bonded cellular video uplink systems. Each broadcasting entity is unique and will have preferences that render one bonded cellular provider best for their needs.Ultimately, a close look at the specs and a real world demo are the only surefire way to know which system is best for your organization. We’ve partnered with Haivision to bring what we believe to be the most robust bonded cellular uplink to the United States. Come see it at VidOvation Booth 1442.

Guest Pass Code: NY3624

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