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Powerful Brand Story-Telling Strategy Using Digital Signage

Last updated Oct 20, 2019 | Published on May 7, 2019 | Digital Signage

Digital signage can be an excellent way to convey information to potential customers, thanks to its use of dynamic media. These digital signage solutions can provide a wealth of tangible benefits to businesses, as well as consumers, thanks to their engaging demeanor and legibility. They can display more information than your traditional static signage solutions, making it entirely possible for businesses to tell more comprehensive stories about their products for customers to read.

Here are some great ways to incorporate powerful brand story-telling into your enterprise digital signage solutions.

Enhancing your digital signage with story-telling

You may think that simply including things such as your business name, logo and contact details on a piece of digital signage will be enough. However, viewers are likely to be much more receptive to a fully-fledged advertising campaign with a story. This is because they will be more able to relate to the message you are trying to convey, which in turn helps to reinforce your message in their minds.

What are the basics of story-telling?

There are countless numbers of books across the world, but despite this, they all follow a very similar pattern. This pattern can be adapted within the advertising world to create thought provoking digital signage solutions.

Firstly, the signage will portray someone’s life before purchasing your product or service. This will normally contain a void that the character is seeking to fulfill. As an example, the character could be frustrated at the slow speed of their laptop. This kind of advertisement is easily relatable, considering many people would have experienced the slow performance of an archaic piece of hardware.

Next, you need to introduce the hero of the story, your product or service. In this case, a sleek, svelte Ultrabook computer could appear on the screen. You could then display some performance benchmarks portraying the improved performance of the new machine. Maybe the character is shown, on your signage, in awe at the new product. The use of emotion and facial expression here is key. It shows the benefit that the digital signage character feels from using the product, of which passers-by will also wish to experience.

The previous two paragraphs could be individual images, in this case, switching between one another before reaching this final image. The final image should state the name of the product, the company name, and pricing, as well as where you can buy it from.


This is a very basic story where someone is frustrated with an old machine and experiences the benefits of using a new one, subsequently convincing them to buy it. The story can be told over a short period of time, repeatedly, and doesn’t extensive development in order to get it ready for display. This shows how simple and easy it can be to get started with IPTV digital signage.

When planning your digital signage display, you could adapt this story to your own product or service. Since it follows basic story-telling principles, it is highly likely that people will be receptive to the story you are telling and will have your product or service reinforced in their minds.

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