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NFL Thursday Night Football provided by Amazon Prime Video and DIRECTV to 300,000+ Sports Bars, Restaurants, Hotel Lounges

Last updated Oct 12, 2022 | Published on Oct 10, 2022 | News, Enterprise & In-house IPTV, FAQ, IPTV, DirecTV

How Can I Watch Thursday Night Football In 2022?

To watch Thursday Night Football games, consumers need an Amazon Prime account and subscription. You can select the game on the Prime landing page when it’s being played live.  Learn more at (NFL schedule on Amazon Prime: How to watch Thursday Night Football – College Football HQ (


Can I Watch Thursday Night Football In Bars Or Restaurants?

Amazon Prime Video Thursday Night Football is on DirecTV channel 9526 for Business Accounts Only, including Sports Bars, Restaurants, Hotel Lounges, and Other Venues.  Please read below to learn more.


Amazon and DirecTV have announced a multi-year agreement for DirecTV for Business to offer Prime Video’s exclusive Thursday Night Football lineup to NFL fans visiting more than 300,000 sports bars, restaurants, hotel lounges, casinos, and sports books, retail shops and services, and many other venues nationwide.

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  6. Not allowing for Your Own Live Video Distribution
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“The sports media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and the focus on delivering a great experience to our entire range of customers must remain at the center of that evolution,” said Rob Thun, DirecTV’s chief content officer. “This agreement between Amazon and DirecTV for Business comes at an important time when more streaming companies are obtaining exclusive rights to marquee sports programming, and fans want to cheer on their teams at home and while out at bars, restaurants, and other businesses with friends, family, and coworkers.”

The first TNF game available to commercial accounts through DirecTV for Business is the final NFL preseason matchup on Thursday, Aug. 25, between the San Francisco 49ers at the Houston Texans. The agreement also includes the entire 15-game complement of regular season Thursday Night Football games, starting Thursday, Sept. 15, when the Los Angeles Chargers visit the defending AFC West champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Any current DirecTV for Business customers subscribing to Business Entertainment, Business Xtra, Commercial Entertainment, Commercial Xtra, Commercial Choice PLUS, and the Spanish-language Commercial Mas Ultra will automatically receive this new Prime Video TNF feed for no additional cost. The new Prime Video content will reside on DirecTV channel 9526, adjacent to other major sports streaming services and events.

Thursday Night Football Schedule, with pregame coverage beginning at 7 p.m. EDT and kickoff at 8:15 p.m. EDT, includes:

  • Preseason Week 3 – Aug. 25: San Francisco 49ers at Houston Texans
  • Week 2 – Sept. 15: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs
  • Week 3 – Sept. 22: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
  • Week 4 – Sept. 29: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 5 – Oct. 6: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos
  • Week 6 – Oct. 13: Washington Commanders at Chicago Bears
  • Week 7 – Oct. 20: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals
  • Week 8 – Oct. 27: Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Week 9 – Nov. 3: Philadelphia Eagles at Houston Texans
  • Week 10 – Nov. 10: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers
  • Week 11 – Nov. 17: Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers
  • Week 13 – Dec. 1: Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots
  • Week 14 – Dec. 8: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams
  • Week 15 – Dec. 15: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
  • Week 16 – Dec. 22: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets
  • Week 17 – Dec. 29: Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans

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