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Private 5G CBRS & At-home Live Production – VidOvation Interview at NAB 2024

Introduction (0:05 – 0:32)

VidOvation is a comprehensive systems integrator and value-added reseller. It offers design consulting services and operates as a boutique rental house catering to various sectors, such as broadcast, sports, news, and enterprise audiovisual. Its clientele ranges from large corporations to small production companies.

At-Home Production Evolution (0:32 – 1:33)

Philovation specializes in at-home production, which involves minimizing on-site personnel and equipment, even before COVID-19. They bring video feeds back to a central location or the cloud, reducing the need for extensive personnel on-site. This approach has evolved during and post-COVID, with many operations now being conducted entirely from home, facilitated by Philovation’s technology.

Innovations at NAB (1:36 – 2:11)

At NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), VidOvation showcases products tailored for streaming video from cameras to master control, catering to various production sizes and setups. They emphasize integrating cloud-based special effects and the ability for operators to work remotely, either from home or in a studio environment.

Practical Use Case: Live Bass Fishing Tournaments (2:11 – 3:45)

VidOvation highlights an intriguing use case involving live streaming from bass fishing tournaments, including well-known events like Bass Masters and Major League Fishing. They explain the challenges of capturing live video from remote locations such as rivers or lakes and how they overcome these hurdles using bonded cellular technology to transmit footage to the cloud for web streaming.

Future Trends: Private 5G Networks (3:47 – 5:09)

VidOvation discusses its focus on emerging trends, particularly the implications of 5G technology. It addresses the challenge of connectivity in 5G dead spots and introduces the concept of private 5G networks, offering a solution that enhances cellular streaming capabilities. This innovative approach involves setting up dedicated 5G networks to ensure reliable connectivity in various production environments.

Customer-Centric Approach (5:17 – 6:08)

VidOvation emphasizes its customer-centric approach, highlighting its hands-on engagement with clients to understand their specific needs and workflows. It prioritizes building partnerships with its clients, aiming to support their success by providing tailored solutions. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of belonging, with clients viewed as part of the Philovation family.


VidOvation’s transcript provides insights into its diverse services, innovative solutions, and customer-focused philosophy within the broadcasting and production industry. From at-home production advancements to cutting-edge technologies like private 5G networks, VidOvation is committed to driving industry evolution and supporting its clients’ success.




[Jim Jachetta] (0:05 – 0:27)

VidOvation is a systems integrator and value-added reseller, design consulting firm, and boutique rental house. We service broadcast, sports, and news and work with large and small production companies.

We also do some work in the enterprise space for audio-visual, corporate audio-visual, and enterprise audio-visual.

[Larry Jordan] (0:28 – 0:32)

What’s a typical production studio request? What kind of work would you do?

[Jim Jachetta] (0:32 – 1:33)

There’s a lot of industry has jargon, right? You know, three-letter, four-letter, and acronyms. We do a lot with at-home production.

Some people call it REMI. Basically, it’s live production done in the field. But even before COVID, we wanted to minimize personnel in the field, minimize having a truck or a van in the field or 50 employees in the field which are needed for bigger events.

We do it at home. We bring the video feeds back home or to the cloud so we can have fewer personnel or personnel operating from home. So during COVID, at-home production, before COVID, it meant at home, my home base, my studio.

Now, post-COVID, home is your home home. I’m not going to the office. I’m not going to the studio.

I’m doing it from my couch at home. And a lot of our technology has helped facilitate just that.

[Larry Jordan] (1:34 – 1:35)

What have you got that’s new at NAB this year?

[Jim Jachetta] (1:36 – 2:07)

So at NAB, we have several products that specialize in streaming video from the camera to the master control or a lot of people’s master control now is virtualized, or your production hub if you’re a smaller operation. We’re switching cameras. We’re adding special effects in the cloud now.

Operators work from home or in the studio, producing products of all different sizes. So we’re always coming up with new technologies along that line.

[Larry Jordan] (2:08 – 2:11)

Give me a sample use case, a practical example.

[Jim Jachetta] (2:11 – 3:23)

Yeah, a use case. So, we work with, believe it or not, we work with four different bass fishing tournaments. Bass Masters is one of them, Major League Fishing.

Anglers, amateur anglers, like to watch professional anglers catch fish live on TV. Believe it or not, some of it makes it onto ESPN2. And there are weird rules, like you can catch a fish by the mouth with a hook, but the fish can’t hit the deck of the boat; you get a penalty.

So, I’ve learned about angling tournaments. So how do you get live video from a boat in the middle of a river, in the middle of a lake, in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere? You can’t bring a satellite truck or satellite link.

We have a bonded cellular, a cellular unit connected to the camera, going over the cellular network and bringing it back to the cloud. And then in the case of Major League Fishing, it’s just streamed to the web, you know, and then every hour they run a Bass Masters boating commercial. You know, that’s how they monetize it, you know, all on the web.

[Larry Jordan] (3:25 – 3:45)

There’s a lot of themes at NAB, the creator economy and AI. With the kind of work that you’re doing, the thing that I’m most interested in, though, is you’re trying to figure out where the future is going. And the future is pretty shifting around these days because you’ve got to develop products for it.

What trends are you following that we need to pay attention to?

[Jim Jachetta] (3:47 – 5:09)

So I’m sure all of your listeners and followers, your viewers have 5G, 5G. Well, what does 5G mean to me or what does it mean to innovation and our customers? So I mentioned bonded cellular streaming from the bass fishing boat.

Well, if you’re in a 5G dead spot, how do we get the signal out? So one of the solutions to that problem where we’ve partnered with a couple of different vendors, we’re rolling out what we call private 5G, where you set up your own private 5G network. Now, your smaller production company listener might, wow, I could never afford that.

It’s not that expensive. It’s analogous to Wi-Fi on steroids. It’s Wi-Fi on its own private channel.

We have Wi-Fi running around this hall. I have one. He’s got one.

The venue has Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is terrible in here. So this is a prime example.

We have a private 5G radio lit up in our booth and we have a solid signal. But we own that little piece of spectrum. So that’s how we’re helping the industry stream over cellular better by integrating a private 5G connectivity into our bonded cellular solution.

[Larry Jordan] (5:09 – 5:16)

For people that haven’t heard of innovation or haven’t used your products, what’s the important point you want them to remember?

[Jim Jachetta] (5:17 – 6:08)

Well, that’s a great question. We’re very hands-on with our customers. You know, we don’t…

Some vendors were like, you know, we’re just transactional. We’re selling a widget. From the beginning, when you engage with us, we ask a lot of questions.

Now, if you’re a customer that doesn’t like a lot of questions, maybe it’s not a match. But we ask a lot of questions. Tell us about your workflow.

How many cameras are you going to use? What kind of environment do you have? Is cellular available?

We were asked to do an event in the middle of Yellowstone Park. Not a lot of cellular. So satellite really was the only choice.

So we asked these questions. We like to think of them not so much as customers, but partners. We want to partner with our customer.

We want to help them succeed. So working with innovation, become part of the family. And you better be okay.

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