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Property Management Solutions with VidOvation’s Integrated IPTV

Last updated Mar 14, 2023 | Published on Feb 7, 2023 | IPTV

Do you want your Hotels Property Management System to integrate with your IPTV? It is a common request because integrating the two systems is convenient and offers your hotel many benefits. At VidOvation, we offer an IPTV system that easily integrates with a huge range of PMS systems. That includes simplifying orders through your IPTV for review and check-out purposes. Discover the advantages of using VidOvation’s IPTV at your hotel.

The PMS Our IPTV Supports

VidOvation offers IPTV that can integrate with a huge range of PMS, including:

  • Agilysys LMS
  • Anand
  • AutoClerk
  • Comtrol
  • Disney LILO
  • Infor HMS
  • Jonas Club
  • Maestro
  • Marriott
  • Oracle/Micros/Opera
  • QV-PMS
  • RDP
  • Softbrands / Epitome
  • Springer-Miller
  • TimeShareWare

Signage Control

When you integrate your IPTV with your PMS you make it much easier for you to choose and broadcast information as digital signage to your guests. These signs can help you boost sales of all kinds, or encourage your guests to use the free amenities that are already available. With increased service and amenities utilization, you should also get improved reviews, more referrals, and increased customer loyalty from returning guests.

Your signs can offer:

  • Promotions about your hotel’s swimming pool, gym, meditation room and other amenities
  • Information about the nearby amenities of the city and attractions guests might enjoy
  • Explain safety issues and inform guests about scams that target tourists in your area
  • Share information about local currency, convenient exchange options and more

Whatever information you need to display in order to offer your guests the more personalized, thoughtful experience that they are looking for, you can offer with your IPTV system. It is simpler than ever to update your broadcast as things change when your IPTV system is integrated with your PMS.

Orders Through IPTV

When your guests make orders through an IPTV system that is not integrated with your PMS, it can be challenging to find this information, have them review it, or add it to your guest’s data collection in order to draw conclusions from. When your IPTV system is integrated with your PMS, you can simply and accurately add the orders to your guest’s bill or print off a sheet for them to review the purchases and charges.

Guest Data

Your PMS system should both centralize and secure your guest’s information in order to be in compliance with data-security rules and to allow you to utilize it. You can gain insight from the data that your hotel naturally collects, which allows you to tailor your offerings, and packages, and make better long-term decisions for your hotel.

VidOvation’s IPTV Solutions

We offer IPTV solutions that will integrate with your hotel’s PMS. You can get all of the advantages of delivering quality entertainment, information and promotional messages to your guests without adding too much complexity to your operations. Improve your guest experience by offering on-demand television that integrates with your PMS.

If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call! We are happy to discuss your options.

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