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Questions When Purchasing an IPTV Head End Equipment


Last updated Nov 22, 2018 | Published on Aug 9, 2018 | IPTV

Purchasing an IPTV head end equipment can help the enterprise achieve its organizational internal live video streaming objectives. However, prior to buying the equipment, there are many questions you will need to ask yourself.  How is vendor ‘A’ advantageous over vendor ‘B’? You need to ask questions before the actual purchase. The following are some of the guide questions you will need before purchasing IPTV head end equipment.

When to buy the equipment?

Make the right purchasing decision for IPTV head end equipment. The best purchase decision is the one that ultimately adds value to your company. The purchase will provide the enterprise with access to live DirecTV, Cable TV, over-the-air TV, internal video feeds, studio feeds, video on demand libraries, digital signage, emergency alerts and more all streamed over the network to smart TVs, set-top boxes, desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. It is a purchase that will improve corporate morale, communications, and safety.   

An IPTV head end system helps enterprise and government institutions enhance the communication process and makes training within the organization easy. It is undoubtedly beneficial to the organization. However, you need to make a decision of how soon you need it implemented.  Installation of the IPTV headend and digital signage system can begin in as few as 2 to 3 weeks.  

Is the budget available?IPTV head end

Sometimes you may have the need but with limited finances. At other times, there may be funds but the decision maker is not ready to approve the purchase because of different priorities or is not prepared to sign. You need to assess the need creating a sense of urgency to purchase.  New buildings may not have coaxial cabling for a traditional cable TV system.  In such cases, an IPTV Headend offers the only scalable solution for video distribution by using the corporate IP network.  An IPTV Head End and Digital signage may be critical for business operations, communications and safety.  

Is there training available?

The VidOvation IPTV Head end and Digital Signage system have a familiar user interface.  Your employees will find it similar to their cable or satellite system at home making it easy to learn and navigate.  VidOvation provides a full day of onsite or remote training for the system administrators,  

What are the means of payment?IPTV head end

Different companies accept different modes of financing the IPTV head end equipment you purchase. Weigh the different methods depending on their advantages or disadvantages. VidOvation offers a variety of payment terms including a lease to own options with terms up to 72 months.  

The bottom line

Another question that runs in the mind of a purchaser is where to buy the equipment. You will definitely have some comparisons between different vendors. Here, you will need to weigh the different pros and cons for different vendors. It is essential to see the company’s portfolio and see who they’ve worked with.  VidOvation offers one of the more affordable IPTV Head end and Digital Signage Systems with approved Digital Rights Managment supporting either Pro: Idiom or Verimatrix encryption.  

By following the above questions, you will be able to choose the IPTV head end that meets the needs of your enterprise. The questions above will be able to assist you and keep you on track when it comes to choosing a vendor.  

You will prevent many costly mistakes by calling VidOvation today at 949-777-5435.    

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