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Reasons Why Casinos and Resorts Invest In IPTV

Published on Aug 30, 2018 | IPTV, Digital Signage

For hotels, resorts, and casinos upgrading to IPTV is one of the best investments they can make. In this digital age, video presentation and other forms of digital signage are extremely popular with guests who find them appealing and engaging. Casinos and resorts are using IPTV to create personalized experiences and to offer guests a wide range of video content to consume in the highest quality possible. IPTV solutions span from advertising, streaming video-on-demand content, displaying branding messages, promotion of resort amenities, casino promotions, to other features designed for the convenience of the guests. There are many reasons why casinos and resorts are tilting towards IPTV as highlighted below.

Makes branding easier

Compared to traditional methods of display, IPTV is easy to use and comes with unlimited options for customization. For example, Casinos are benefitting a lot from the ability to display custom promotions using smart TVs that are based on an IP network. Custom digital signage can be displayed abundantly across the casino to reinforce their branding message. This makes branding effortless and convenient in a way that was never before imagined. Resorts are also using the head end system to spread informational services to their guests simultaneously using their in-room television. Guests are conveniently informed about additional services that they might want to try or various points of interests such as fitness center and spa. This translates to more spending and a higher revenue for the hotel.

Creates convenience for the guests

Players at the casino can access their club account information and explore other features from the comfort of their internet-enabled devices based on IPTV. This increases their engagement level as well as convenience. When all playing processes are streamlined, the guest is likely to stay longer and participate in multiple draws. This translates to more revenue for the casino and a worthy return on investment. Resorts are opting for the head end system in the checkout process to eliminate delays and offload tasks at the reception. Consequently, there is a high turnover rate when every step is shortened.

Provides top-notch entertainment

IPTV provides different types of entertainment options in the form of video on demand, interactive TV and live television. Coupled with unlimited content, guests can watch anything they want at whatever time. The customer-driven approach to content consumption ensures customer needs are met. Also, guests can cast their own content on hotel TVs, giving them more control over what they watch. Resorts have found out that plenty of entertainment using the technology is key to retaining existing customers and encouraging them to spend more time. Casinos and betting companies are using interactive kiosks coupled with touchscreens and IPTV to help casino guests find their popular games and amenities.

Promotes innovation

Casinos are taking advantage of its integration in sportsbook displays as well as LED video walls to create an immersive experience during the streaming of games. Guests can easily stream live games and events to their mobile devices and get local game feeds directly to their phones. This enhances the engagement level and allows the betting company to send daily fantasy bets.

Digital signage and IPTV integration are key to improving levels of engagement in casinos and resorts which means customers are happy and satisfied. If you are considering whether to integrate IPTV to your casino or resort, you will have enough reasons to not hesitate any longer.

Contact Vidovation’s experienced team to learn more and help you get started with  IPTV solutions for your business.

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