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Remote Directing for Your Scripted Series

Published on May 17, 2022 | Bonded Cellular

Remote direction is an essential tool for those who create scripted and unscripted content. But those creating a scripted series might wonder how they can benefit from freeing their executives to be off-site and to work from home or another studio. Your vendor brings their equipment to your production site and works with your crew to shoot and record your scripted series.

Your executives, the studio, or the network have live access to the feed and can monitor and supervise from their in-home office or another studio. So many advantages come from the remote direction of a scripted series. We’ll discuss them below and let you in on this lesser-known secret of production.

Reduce Your Costs

There are several ways remote directing your series can help you cut costs. The first and most apparent is forgoing the travel costs for executives and production personnel who would otherwise be members of the production crew. When you think about it, these costs can add up. It’s not just travel but also craft services, lodging, and many other line items. Keeping those who can stay home somewhere more accessible can significantly cut your logistical costs and free up that part of the budget for other items.

Bonded cellular video streaming technology facilitates remote directing and remote production. The cost of renting or purchasing bonded cellular technology is offset by the drastic savings in personnel, travel, logistics, the cost of scheduling conflicts, and more.

Multiple Locations

When your executive team is working from home, it is easier to film at multiple locations faster. Your team can receive a video transmission from one location in the morning, edit it, review it, and then receive more content from another location in the afternoon. There is no need to send the executives between locations and no need for the respective crews in each location to wait for their arrival. This can help you cut production timelines or keep to them.

Editing Earlier

Remote directing can be instantaneous. Your executives have access to a live feed of what the production crew is capturing. This often means that your team can use these streams as a proxy and start editing the raw content right away. That may save you days or even weeks in what might otherwise be a long turn-around time for editing. In addition, your remote editors can review their work daily, helping you get a sense of where the production is, even as your production crew continues filming more scenes.

Centralized Resources

Remote directing can offer a superior workflow with fewer delays–not more. Part of this is editing earlier, but another part is centralized resources. Wherever you’re setting up your executives, you can make this space a central command center where they have everything they need to do their jobs. Remote directing and remote producing can streamline communications and simplify the workflows of the on-site team, direction, editing, and production.


Not everyone can make specific dates, not when they have to travel to get to the set. This is increasingly a problem as significant productions call on talent across the globe and concerns like the pandemic or unstable political environments make traveling a problem. Or, your executives may have other commitments, even personal ones, that may make them unwilling to travel. On the other hand, sometimes you can make productions work or get the talent you want when you offer remote direction from home or a studio closer to home.

Supervise from Afar

While a scripted series is more predictable than a live series or filming an event, you still want to have close tabs on production, ensure your directions are getting across, and even that the production is running on time and under budget. There is understandably some concern that you may lose some control if you allow for remote direction; however, your global team is in perfect sync with video live-streaming bonded cellular technology.

Scripted Series Remote Directing

You can communicate with the on-site team in real-time to adjust the production as you see fit with absolutely no delays. Such are the benefits of technology.

Remote Direct Your Scripted Series with VidOvation

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