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Revolutionizing Broadcasting: ABonAir Wireless Technology by VidOvation



VidOvation, at the forefront of technological innovation, showcases its cutting-edge wireless solutions at NAB 2024. Jim Jachetta, CTO and co-founder of VidOvation, invites visitors to explore their booth, which features the flagship vendor, ABonAir. With a focus on wireless microwave technology, Jachetta provides an insightful overview of ABonAir’s offerings, including the AB512 for HD and its 4K counterpart, the AB612 version. We will also explore the low-cost AB4000.

Unveiling ABonAir’s Wireless Advancements:

ABonAir distinguishes itself by constructing its wireless platforms on a robust two-way radio foundation. This foundational choice enables seamless two-way communications and camera control, setting a new standard in broadcasting technology. Notably, the system facilitates both program video transmission from the camera and the reception of two return videos, enhancing operational efficiency.

Reliability and Versatility:

Jachetta underscores the system’s reliability, boasting broadcast-quality performance and extensive compatibility with virtually every camera in broadcast and production settings. The receiver, showcased as the flagship unit, exemplifies this reliability through its ability to scan the RF spectrum for optimal channel selection. Equipped with forward error correction and ARQ capabilities, it mitigates packet loss during transmission, reaffirming its broadcast-grade quality.

Enhanced Connectivity with Fiber Coverage Extender:

Introducing the fiber coverage extender, Jachetta elaborates on its capability to establish multiple access points across diverse studios and buildings. This advancement enables seamless camera system traversal between designated studios, fostering enhanced connectivity and operational flexibility. Moreover, the base station supports 2-wire and 4-wire analog intercoms, further enhancing communication capabilities within production environments.

Empowering Control and Flexibility:

Demonstrating the system’s camera control functionalities, Jachetta showcases its ability to manipulate camera settings such as iris and blacks precisely. Integrating comms facilitates seamless communication between operators, optimizing collaborative workflows within production settings.

Introducing the AB4000:

Jachetta introduces the compact yet powerful AB4000, boasting technology akin to its larger counterparts. While offering similar intercom and camera control capabilities, the AB4000 operates within a range of 1,000 feet, catering to point-to-point transmission requirements.

Tailored Solutions for Cinematic Excellence:

ABonAir offers a specialized cinema version for cinematic endeavors with features tailored to control cameras and lenses. This comprehensive solution underscores ABonAir’s commitment to catering to diverse industry needs and ensuring unparalleled performance across varied applications.


In closing, Jachetta extends gratitude to visitors and encourages them to explore VidOvation for all their wireless technology needs. With its commitment to innovation and reliability, ABonAir stands poised to revolutionize broadcasting and production landscapes. VidOvation remains the destination of choice for unparalleled wireless solutions.


Introduction (0:07 – 0:52)
Jim Jachetta, the CTO and co-founder of VidOvation, introduces the company’s booth at NAB 2024, highlighting their flagship vendor, ABonAir, and their wireless microwave technology. He discusses the features of the AB512 for HD and the 4K AB612 versions, emphasizing the two-way communication capabilities, two-way camera control, and support for program video and return video. Jachetta mentions the common usage of one return video for a prompter and the other for program viewing. He highlights the system’s reliability, broadcast quality, and compatibility with various cameras used in broadcasting and production.

ABonAir Products (0:52 – 2:22)
Jachetta presents the flagship receiver, demonstrating its ability to scan the RF spectrum for the clearest channel and mentioning features like forward error correction and ARQ. He introduces the fiber coverage extender, allowing multiple access points in different studios or buildings for continuous camera system traversal. He also showcases the base station supporting analog intercom and the camera control capabilities, including iris and black control on a Sony camera.

AB4000 (2:23 – 3:10)
The presentation shifts to the AB4000, a smaller version of the ABonAir system, with similar technology but limited to a 1,000 feet range compared to the 2-mile range of the AB512 and AB612. Jachetta explains its intended point-to-point use and suggests using an SDI fiber optic extender for distances beyond 1,000 feet. He highlights its popularity for production and cinematic use.

Conclusion (3:10 – 3:59)
Jachetta concludes the presentation by mentioning a cinema version of the AB4000 with additional features for controlling cinematic lenses. He encourages contacting VidOvation for wireless technology needs and bids farewell to the audience.

Jim Jachetta effectively showcases VidOvation’s wireless technology offerings, focusing on the capabilities and versatility of the ABonAir products, while also emphasizing their reliability and suitability for various production environments.


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