How to Simplify Your Live Production Workflow — On-Site, Remote, and in the Cloud [Webinar Recording] - VidOvation Corporation
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How to Simplify Your Live Production Workflow — On-Site, Remote, and in the Cloud [Webinar Recording]

Presented by Greg Macchia of Simplylive and Jim Jachetta of VidOvation

Learn how to produce more of the live content viewers demand without scaling up the cost and size of your live production workflow. Find out how cloud-enabled, software-based production architecture can support and simplify live productions of any size, and hear about how leading broadcasters are doing just that!

Discover how to:

  • Leverage production infrastructure — on-site, remote, or in the cloud — to realize unprecedented workflow flexibility
  • Simplify key production tasks so that a single operator can run a full production, on-site or from afar
  • Adapt your workflow to address health safety measures
  • Create a micro control room dedicated to special events or to mitigate pressure on larger control rooms
  • Use bonded cellular and wireless video transport to deliver feeds from even the most challenging locations
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Make Live TV the Way You Picture It.

When you create a live show, you pull together many sources, make choices, react to changes, and generate an experience in real-time.

The classical way to achieve this is to put bodies to boxes: one human for every hunk of hardware. That’s how it’s always been done — and it’s why live production has historically been so expensive.
Today’s producers know there’s a better way.

Imagine building your show the way you really see it. Just reach out and tap the shot you want to cut to. Cue and scrub slowmo replays with a fingertip. Run your pre-made segments, switch cameras and mix graphics, and step through your rundown — all with a simple, intuitive, easy-to-learn touchscreen interface.


This is what Simplylive enables you to do — with our ViBox platform.

ViBox clears away the minefield of physical buttons, sliders, and faders, so the only hardware you need to touch is your screen. You create your shows intuitively and responsively. We eliminate the tech hurdles — and much of the cost.

When the hardware gets out of your way, you can tell your story more easily. That’s what makes great television: your talent, unrestrained.

As live production moves into the all-digital universe, some tech providers make their tools so feature-rich that they overwhelm the machines they run on. That’s what you don’t want in live TV. And it’s not what we do.

The minds at Simplylive are not new to the live production industry. Our founders created products supporting the most demanding televised events, like the World Cup, Super Bowl, and Olympics. We understand television. And we know that simplicity and reliability go hand in hand in telling a great story.

Our job is to give you the capabilities you need, with technology that is there when you need it. That’s why major players like ESPN, IMG, and Canal+ are using our systems right now in the real world.