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How Small Businesses Can Use IPTV and Video Networking

Published on Jul 7, 2017 | News

We’ve covered the incredible benefits of IPTV before, but always from the perspective of a large enterprise. For smaller businesses, IPTV can be just as valuable and helpful for a wide range of tasks — in some cases, it can be even more valuable for smaller businesses than larger ones.

From powering digital signage to showcasing your latest products and communicating with staff, there are myriad ways to use IPTV as part of your small business. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorites, along with tips to get the most from your small business’s use of IPTV.

Powering digital signage

One of the best ways to use IPTV for marketing is to couple it with digital signage. When used alongside digital displays such as signs, televisions and computer monitors, IPTV can help you communicate key messages to your customers and promote your products and services.

This use of IPTV can range in scale from a small display inside your retail store to a large and highly visible billboard advertising your latest product.

One huge advantage of IPTV is that it gives you incredible control over the message you can display to your target audience. Instead of a static billboard, you can display live video, show your latest promotion or highlight an interesting product.

If your business is in the retail sector, you can even use IPTV-powered networking video displays inside your store to direct shoppers towards specific products, show off your latest arrivals and generate interest in discounted items.

On average, people spend significantly longer looking at digital displays than they do typical billboards and posters. Pair your displays with IPTV wireless video transmitter and you can market your business to an engaged, interested and motivated audience, all at a surprisingly low cost.

Transmitting important information

microNVR HauteSHOT Micro Portable Wireless Network Video Recorder

microNVR HauteSHOT Micro Portable Wireless Network Video Recorder

As your business grows, tasks that were once simple can become more complex. One of the most common points of difficulty for small businesses is educating and training staff members on specific policies, regulations, and requirements.

With IPTV, educating and training your staff becomes far easier. Because IPTV can be viewed from any internet-enabled device, members of your staff can quickly and easily find and watch videos on everything from compliance to everyday operations.

It takes far less time to shoot training and instructional videos for your business than it does to carry out detailed, in-person training for every staff member. With the right combination of IPTV technology and content, you can drastically speed up and optimize your staff training process.

Offer extra value to your customers

In some industries, IPTV can deliver a huge amount of additional value for customers, clients, and users of your product. One great example of this is the hotel industry, where the use of IPTV can massively enhance the quality of experience for your customers.

If you own a hotel or resort, IPTV can give your guests an unparalleled level of access to the content they want to see, exactly when they want to see it. It can also be a fantastic source of revenue for your business when used as an optional extra service.

Small hotels and resorts can also use IPTV to display property information, show guests the most popular nearby attractions and highlight specific features and amenities that guests are likely to be interested in using.

Get started with IPTV for your business

From hospitality and hotels to sports venues, offices and more, IPTV can be used by a wide and diverse range of businesses to enhance the customer, client and employee experience.

We specialize in IPTV for businesses and organizations of all sizes, from enterprises to smaller companies. If you’d like to learn more about IPTV, feel free to view our range of enterprise IPTV products or contact our team for additional information.

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