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SMPTE Presentation – IP to the Camera: Completing the Broadcast Chain – VidOvation Blog

Last updated Jul 11, 2023 | Published on Oct 10, 2014 | News

SMPTE Presentation – IP to the Camera: Completing the Broadcast Chain

VidOvation’s Jim Jachetta will be giving a presentation at SMPTE this October in the Hollywood. He will be speaking on the Evolution of Broadcast Facilites, with his presentation “IP to the Camera: Completing the Broadcast Chain”. It is here that he will be introducing the new broadcast camera back option, the Stagebox IP Camera-Back.  Stagebox does the unthinkable and makes live television production feasible over Internet Protocol connections. See the whitepaper – “Making TV Programmes using IP Networks”

SMPTE Presentation Overview

Extending studio data networks to cameras located anywhere around the globe is
the logical conclusion of current standards work targeting future studio infrastructure. By consolidating all signals onto IP/Ethernet, significant cost savings are achieved by reducing SMPTE - Stagebox IP Camera Backthe people and equipment needed at remote venues. Studio-based staff can perform the functions of mobile-truck-based production teams in live sports, broadcast and ENG applications.

This  SPMTE  presentation  will  most  undoubtedly provide you an in-depth examination of the technologies used in the Stagebox camera-back system developed by BBC R+D including: – Transport of 2-way HD video, multichannel audio and ancillary services including timecode, talkback, tally, and camera control over a single Ethernet connection – Multi-camera synchronization enabled by IEEE 1588 PTP – Support for live workflows, including editing, archiving, and live-to-air production This SMPTE presentation will also discuss several live events around the globe that have already been successfully produced using this system, including a reasonable few “lessons learned” along the way.

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