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Stagebox – Cut Your Mobile Production Costs using IP Connectivity

Published on Jun 5, 2014 | News, Enterprise & In-house IPTV

You will learn the underlying technologies that are used in IP productions using StageboxMobile Production Truck

The meticulous research of the BBC’s R&D department has resulted in the development of the Stagebox IP Camera-Back. This technology can:

  • Grab and sync all your feeds plus camera control and distribute them over IP to your
    Stagebox-with-optional-Synchrounous-Switch-with-GPS-Clock-FINAL smallcentralized post-production location
  • Eliminate or reduce the size of your mobile production trucks and on-site costs
  • Provide an alternative to fiber optics and wireless by using IP connections for live productions
  • Edit on the fly with minimal ingest

Click here to download:   Making Live Productions Using IP Networks

Stagebox uses AVC-I 100 for higher quality for a given bitrate over alternatives such as JPEG-2000 and imports easily into existing editing systems. The Stagebox unit includes all the conversions necessary between industry standard video, audio, time code, sync and control signals and standard packet- based IP networks, providing full studio camera connectivity through a single Cat5e/6 cable. This has the potential to revolutionize studio and outside broadcast production methods by substituting low-cost network equipment for the dedicated infrastructure of the professional television studio or outside broadcast environment.

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