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Storage Protocol and File Accelerator – NAB Preview Video 6

Published on Apr 12, 2012 | News, Broadcast, Technology - Engineering

The SSFC100 Storage Protocol and File Accelerator is specifically designed for linking Storage Area Networks or discrete storage without the performance penalties normally associated with connecting storage devices over long distances. By using Artificial Intelligence combined with its unique network latency-busting techniques, the SSFC100 provides a highly flexible tool to enhance any Disaster Recovery, remote replication or remote backup strategy for all types of facilities. The SSFC100 supports modern broadcasters with SANs at the heart of their storage strategy as well as those that have legacy storage infrastructures.

Sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms are built into the heart of SSFC100, allowing it to constantly monitor the performance of the link between two nodes and automatically respond to changes in network conditions such as packet loss, latency and QOS pushback by changing a range of network and paralleled pipeline parameters. This removes a massive burden on administration staff as the product is self-managing and always operating at its optimum.

The SSFC100 Fibre Channel node supports two 4Gb Fibre Channel interfaces and two 1Gb Ethernet interfaces. One Ethernet interface is used for the management port and one is dedicated to communicating between SSFC100 nodes. The SSFC is designed for networks with latency of up to 40ms between nodes (i.e. across the USA). For customers with latency greater than 40ms, this can be upgraded to 60ms.

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