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Streaming Media Connect – VidOvation & Haivision Sponsored Workshops

VidOvation & Haivision Sponsored Workshops

Flexible Live Remote At-Home Production for the New Abnormal

PRO380 Bonded Cellular Field Encoder

REMI & At-home Production with Multiple Cameras over Cellular & The Public Internet

  • Learn how to maintain frame-accurate video genlock and lip-sync across multiple handheld cameras in your live remote field production.
  • Learn how broadcasters and producers are finding more efficient ways to contribute and distribute live television.
  • Learn to overcome the additional challenges in the new abnormal with travel restrictions and social distancing.
  • Learn how to maintain frame-accurate video genlock and lip-sync across multiple handheld cameras.
    • Over Unmanaged Networks: Cellular and The Public Internet
    • Over Managed Networks
  • Learn how to mount the transmitting audio and video encoder on the camera or talent.
  • Learn the importance of analog audio inputs on your field encoder.
  • Labor costs are reduced since television production specialists work at a centralized master control near where they live, eliminating the need for travel and overtime expenses.
  • Learn how the latest at-home production technology eliminates the need for expensive satellite, fiber, and telecom connections.
  • Learn how it also eliminates the need for on-site production trucks with dozens of on-site operators and personnel.
  • Learn how to have most of your crew work from home or a centralized master control near home.
  • Learn how this technology has been successfully implemented by PGA, Turner Sports, MGM, Viacom, CNN, FOX, A+E, the Discovery Network, Major League Fishing, and more.


Produce, Transmit, and Distribute Live Video from any Mobile or Fixed Location

BeOnAIR AIR220 Streaming Encoder

BeOnAIR AIR220 Streaming Encoder

Quickly deliver your live video content simultaneously across multiple social networks, including Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more.

  • Learn how to engage with your audience, customers, congregation, and more during these challenging times.
  • Learn why Wi-Fi and Public Internet may not be enough to broadcast live reliably.
  • Learn how an off-the-shelf encoder is not enough for reliable live broadcast.
  • Learn how to transmit live with affordable broadcast-quality technology.
  • Learn why the BeOnAIR solution is ideal for live production companies, houses of worship, video bloggers, YouTube contributors, live sports production, live news, unscripted reality TV, and live events.



17 Costly Mistakes to Avoid Deploying Enterprise & Remote (Off-Campus) IPTV & Digital Signage

  1. Overcome the limitations of live broadcast-quality video communications due to COVID-19.

    IPTV & Digital Signage at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

  2. Limitations expanding your enterprise IPTV and digital signage system off-campus to employees working remotely.
  3. Avoid limitations in keeping your video content secure while streaming live video off-campus via the public Internet.
  4. No support for distribution to a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  5. Getting stuck with one content provider (CATV/SAT) or without open architecture.
  6. No support for Digital Rights Management or DRM.
  7. Non-Friendly User Interface.
  8. Not allowing the integration of your own VOD content with your providers.
  9. Not allowing for Your Own Live Video Distribution.
  10. Limited or No Video Conferencing Functions.
  11. Lacking Scalability, Security, and Flexibility.
  12. No Support for Digital Signage and Advertising.
  13. Plus 6 more Mistakes to Avoid.

Jim Jachetta

CTO & Co-founder
VidOvation Corporation

Picture of Jim Jachetta

With over 25 years of experience designing, integrating, and delivering video transmission, contribution, and distribution systems, Jim Jachetta is the driving force behind VidOvation’s world-class technology that makes the “impossible” and “never been done before” a viable solution within daily business operations. Using modern, easy-to-support technology, Jachetta, and the talented VidOvation team creatively design, implement, and support wireless, cellular, IPTV, video over IP, and fiber optics installations that meet an organization’s business goals and at a price point that fits any size, scope, and budget.

Neal Metersky

Sales & Business Manager – USA
Haivision USA

Picture of Neal Metersky


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