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Taking IP Workflows to the Next Level at SVG Summit with Jim Jachetta

“If you attend the SVG Summit, December 12-13, 2022, in New York City, please participate in my panel on Taking IP Workflows to the Next Level.” , Jim Jachetta, CTO, VidOvation


Taking IP Workflows to the Next Level [Click]

We will discuss IP standards and IP-based products at the center of the revolution in virtualized, cloud, and remote production. Learn about recent developments that can impact your operations, driving efficiency while also improving the quality of the end product.

Rik Hoeree, Riedel, CEO, Product Division
Jim Jachetta, VidOvation, CTO and Co-Founder
Dan Pisarski, LiveU, CTO
Rick Young, LTN Global, SVP, Head of Global Products


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Have you begun your move to IP and discovered that the real challenge lies in doing IP well? Are you making the most of IP-based infrastructure and workflows?

The journey isn’t over once you shift to IP, so I’ll be speaking on “Taking IP Workflows to the Next Level” at the upcoming SVG Summit, Dec. 12-13, in New York City. Will I see you there?

It will be a fantastic panel discussion on the IP standards and IP-based products at the center of the virtualized, cloud, and remote production revolution. You’ll also learn about recent developments that can impact your operations, driving efficiency while improving the quality of the end product.

Don’t miss it! Look for “Taking IP Workflows to the Next Level” — 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. on Dec. 12. This is where you’ll find out how to leverage protocols and standards, including SafeStreams Transport (SST), Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), Network Device Interface (NDI), and SMPTE ST 2110 to drive greater flexibility and efficiency for your media workflows.

Get the complete picture!

  • Contributions from the field to the studio using SST for the first mile to get on the network
  • The use of SRT for transport over the public internet and cloud interoperability
  • How SRT — and its interoperability and support by Haivision and other hardware and cloud vendors — and SST facilitate transport to master control and the studio
  • Completing the handoff to the studio or master control network via SDI, IP, NDI, or SMPTE ST 2110

Not sure you’ll make it for the panel? Book a quick meeting with me for an overview or to discuss specific questions about your IP media workflows. Either way, I hope to speak with you soon!

Program Track:

Future of Remote Production Workshop [Click]

10:30 – 5:00 p.m. ET
Location: Gramercy Suite, 2nd Floor

Remote Production technologies and workflows continue to evolve on a daily basis. Whether it’s taking advantage of IP standards, virtualized and cloud-based tools, or next-generation camera, lenses, and other tools, there are more opportunities than ever to be more efficient and cost-effective in live sports production. Join us for a full slate of informative panel discussions, case studies, presentations, and more featuring the industry’s top production experts.

Jim Jachetta, CTO at VidOvation, Engineer, Design Consultant, Integrator, Trainer, Teacher, Author & Speaker


Jim Jachetta
CTO and Co-Founder

With more than 30 years of experience delivering live video production, cloud, broadcasting, distribution, and streaming systems, Jim Jachetta is the driving force behind VidOvation’s world-class technology that makes the “impossible” and “never been done before” a viable solution. Using modern, easy-to-support technology, Jachetta and the talented VidOvation team creatively design, implement, and support wireless, cellular, IPTV, video over IP, digital signage, and fiber optic installations that simplify an organization’s workflow while saving costs. He has created a Technology as a Service (TaaS) offering that eliminates obsolescence and preserves budgets.

Featured in: Monday Future of Remote Production Workshop (12/12)



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