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The Importance of Bandwidth to Wireless Transmission


Published on Feb 24, 2020 | Wireless Transmission

Bandwidth is essential to many daily functions in today’s professional world, from conferences to live news and sports video transmission.

Bandwidth in a Nutshell

Bandwidth, in short, measures how much data can be transmitted over a communications channel. The mode that directly affects how much data can be transmitted is the number of frequencies

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available. Bandwidth can be measured as a frequency (Hz) or in bits per second (bps). For example, a bandwidth of 10 Mbps indicates that the communication channels can transmit 10 megabits of data at once.

Throughout the years of using the internet, you’ve likely come across countless instances where the download speed is much lower than normal. In many cases, this is closely linked to the amount of data in transmission and how it has exceeded the bandwidth between the user and the source of the data. This ‘slowdown’ is the result of what’s called a bottleneck, where information does not flow through as quickly due to a reduction in bandwidth at some point in the transmission.

Why is Bandwidth Important?

After explaining what the term bandwidth means, it’s likely that you have some indication of why bandwidth is an important consideration for your life, especially when it comes to your work. In today’s marketplace, many daily activities require high bandwidth to complete efficiency. Some of these activities include video transmission, production and live video streaming, which is common for telecommuting, events and other vital business functions.

When real-time transmission is important, whether its audio, video or otherwise, bandwidth is very important. For example, if an individual is wanting to watch the live stream of a basketball game, it’s important that the video transmission is quick and doesn’t experience a bottleneck that causes lagging and degraded quality. On the other hand, bandwidth can be slightly lower if the individual doesn’t require real-time video transmission and is simply downloading it. Of course, faster is always better, but in some cases, high bandwidth and fast data transmission is much more important.

Using Bonded Cellular for Live Video Broadcasting

Where only certain applications require live video streaming, more businesses are using this authentic and highly impactful concept of live video broadcasting throughout common functions. From conferences to meetings to interactive marketing campaigns, the standard of broadcasting has increased dramatically.

Cue bonded cellular technology. This efficient solution bonds cellular networks together by simply connecting to a modem. Bonded cellular technology works to achieve the required amount of bandwidth needed, and sometimes even reduces bitrates (number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a network).

Bonded cellular technology also opens the door to easy broadcasting where, before, traditional satellite vehicles could not get to. With bonded cellular technology, live broadcasters can obtain the bandwidth necessary to deliver broadcasts in real-time, from multiple locations without the need for a restricting satellite truck.

The result is live video transmissions that are higher quality and, therefore, video transmissions that are much easier to use.

Advancing Technologies

VidOvation is on top of the leading research in the bandwidth enhancement and bonded cellular technology space, leaving VidOvation poised to adopt all the most up-to-date technology and implement it into your business. For example, some recent industry findings include:

  • SC-SP modulation, which shows increased efficiencies in power consumption and increased dynamic ranges for data transmission versus traditional modulation types, OFDM and COFDM.
  • Successful modulation of some radios that result in the ability to operate 100 Gigabits per Second on a 237 Gigahertz system.

For more on VidOvation’s breakdown of recent studies, visit here.

Upgrade Your Bandwidth with VidOvation Solutions

VidOvation continues to find the best solutions that improve video transmissions. These technologies, including bonded cellular technology, are designed to mitigate the frustrating issues that maybe live video broadcasters face, such as signal loss, latency, interference, noise, and security issues.

Alongside offering a quality product line, VidOvation combines product with tailored service that helps its clients create integrated, personalized solutions that work with existing infrastructure. In addition, VidOvation’s works with every client to determine the best plan that coincides with the client’s application or budget.

Bandwidth Upgradation

In the end, bonded cellular technology is only part of making the most of bandwidth – VidOvation delivers bandwidth solutions using expertise that takes the entire client system into account. The full VidOvation experience includes a detailed consultation for each individual client, solution engineering and design right through to warranty and support.

Don’t let bandwidth hold you back – lead the way with high-quality, unrestricted video transmission. For a quote, questions, or other inquiries regarding bonded cellular solutions, contact VidOvation today.

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