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Creating Your Content
The core of an IP Video solution is encoding. Encoders come in all shapes and sizes and with varying degrees of reliability, functionality, and scalability. Some encoders are re-purposed computers with capture cards while others are purpose-built network appliances that have serving technology.  Determining the best compression format must also be addressed.  However, your general requirements and budget will likely make the choice for you.

Managing and Securing Your Content

IP Video is a powerful tool, capable of communicating to anyone, anywhere. That doesn’t mean you want your message in the hands of everyone. Being able to manage and secure your IP video solution is crucial to creating an effective viewing experience while protecting your content from prying eyes.

It is important that an IP Video solution integrates into your existing user authentication infrastructure, allowing you the ability to easily assign permissions to users, groups, and entire sections of your organization.

Reaching Your Viewers
In geographically dispersed organizations, the network bandwidth between locations can be limited for deploying applications like voice and video. When determining if you need a centralized, distributed or hybrid IP video solution, it is best to know where your viewers are and implement a solution that can reach them. The key is finding a solution that doesn’t require you to invest in expensive network overhauls or bandwidth upgrades, yet can help you distribute video where it is needed – at the edge of the network.

You also want a solution that allows for organic system growth, as your organization grows. Telecommuting and distance learning have become realities in many organizations.  If this is the case for your organization, or if this is where your organization wishes to go, the IP Video solution considered must provide access to those outside your local area network. It should let you break past the boundaries of the network and let you reach anyone, anywhere.

Recording Your Content and Making it Available On-Demand



Delivering live video is just a part of the puzzle. You may also need to consider a solution that provides the ability to record your content and make it available for viewing on-demand – no matter where your viewers are. On-demand access to content allows you to reach viewers that might be working different shifts, in different time zones, or simply need to see it again. Recording and on-demand access also give you the ability to do a live broadcast just once, but deliver your message or training over and over again.

Ubiquitous Viewing
With the many types of viewing platforms available today, your organization may need to deliver content optimized for PC, Mac and hand-held devices.  At the same time, you may also want your IP Video content in classrooms and meeting rooms via projectors and displays. Your IP Video solution should allow you the flexibility to communicate in these diverse environments and onto numerous platforms.

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