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Tips on How to Successfully Design Your Enterprise IPTV & Digital Signage

Published on Apr 16, 2019 | IPTV, Digital Signage

Determining what is needed to create a successful IPTV and digital signage system for your business can be difficult.

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Many forms of media are subject to digital rights management, meaning you have a restricted catalog of items unless you fork out large sums of money for the rights. On top of this, supporting IPTV digital signage systems will require specialist IT knowledge to ensure reliability and that all functionality is present.

Important things to consider

As with any investment, the cost of implementation needs to be lower than the resulting return to the business.

In restaurants and bars, television displays are commonplace. You will normally see the latest sporting events being displayed to paying customers or other forms of entertainment. Whilst the maintenance of these panels will cost the business, the benefits will outweigh the costs in this example. Your clientele will appreciate the on-screen entertainment, and it will also function as a social gathering place, making your premises more inviting to other potential customers.

These digital signage TV systems will also need an initial setup and ongoing maintenance. You have the option with many signage solutions to operate stand-alone displays, alongside grouping of multipleLG Smart TVs and Set-top Boxes displays into a network, which is then managed by a back-end server. Grouping of displays will offer the most advanced feature set, whereas stand-alone displays may be more beneficial for smaller digital signage system projects.

Considering security and reliability, it is possible to remotely manage multiple screens through methods such as live monitoring of every display unit with health checks to ensure maximum uptime. Business owners can rest assured that these displays will be secure since they are protected by a password in both modes.

Content management can easily be managed by utilizing a content management system or CMS. Regarding enterprise digital signage, you must be acutely aware of digital rights management (DRM) issues that can rear your head. Copyright laws must be followed to avoid infringement, and CMS systems help bring a curated platform of legally distributed media for your business.


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In summary, many things must be considered to ensure your digital signage solution will make a good return on investment.

Paying customers in restaurant and bar settings will appreciate being able to consume media from your display systems. This display availability will reap benefits but must be balanced with the maintenance cost.

Depending on your business needs, you can deploy fleets of digital signage systems or individual ones. Once set up, maintenance can be handled remotely in most cases.

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Content Management Systems will ensure compliance with data protection and DRM law through the provision of curated audio-visual media from a trusted platform. They also simplify the initial setup, offering a wide range of content to queue up on your screens.

These are all things that the VidOvation team will consider when assisting with the implementation of your signage solutions. You can get a free consultation with an expert team member at VidOvation by calling +1-949-777-5435 or visiting our Contact Us page.

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