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TNP-100 Video Telemetry and Data over IP Ethernet Networks

The TNP-100 Video Telemetry Data over IP Ethernet Networks Processor addresses

the needs for transmitting timing sensitive data signals over IP Networks. This product interfaces most standard digital telemetry formats, such as TTL, ECL, RS-232 and RS-422, as well as IRIG timing signals. In addition to telemetry services, the TNP-100 enables Multi Service Platform capabilities, providing low latency transmission for T1 & E1 telecommunications carriers, as well as broadband analog signals such as video.

Multiservice Network Access System

  • Standards based Multiservice over Packet (MSoP)
  • Low latency transmission over packed based networks
  • Superior Flat Line response
  • Four programmable multi-function IO ports
  • Enables Multiple TDMoIP (CESoIP) & LAN services
  • Enables Analog & Digital data acquisition services
  • Integrated Loopbacks, BERT, and Alarms
  • Managed via Embedded Web Server and SNMP

Multiple Services over Packet based Networks
The TNP-100 is a standards compliant network processor enabling transparent, low latency, bidirectional transfer of almost any type of digital and analog signals over Ethernet, IP-based and MPLS networks. The TNP-100 is a single platform Ethernet (LAN), Circuit Emulation (CESoIP), Video and Data acquisition (TMoIP, SCADA) service solutions. Flexible, multi-function interfaces enable the network processor without physical reconfiguration to be used in many different applications, where high performance and low latency are required, minimizing capital (CapEx) and operational (OpEX) expenses. The TNP-100 provides IP Network Processing for up to four independent digital and analog signal sources. Each multi-function port can be independently configured for voice (E1/T1 CESoIP), Video, and Analog or Digital Data acquisition (TMoIP) services.

LAN & Network Interfaces
The TNP-100 is equipped with both optical and electrical network interfaces all supporting 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet. Three Ethernet interfaces connected via a managed Ethernet switch provides flexible installation and interconnection options, as well as superior QoS capabilities.

Multi Media Card Interface
The TNP-100 is equipped with a standard Multi Media Card Interface, which enables data recording and easy access to alarm and configuration data, as well as transmission of user data already stored on the MMC card.

Diagnostics Tools
The TNP-100 provides statistics data and diagnostics tools for network installation and troubleshooting. The per port based tools include test pattern generation and Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT).

Superior Performance
The TNP-100 supports individual port timing recovery, using sophisticated clock recovery to regenerate highly accurate source timing and enhanced jitter management required for E1/T1 CESoIP and TMoIP applications. An optional rate independent, flat line response feature guarantees an equal user-configured fixed transmission latency on all ports.

Powerful Management
The TNP-100 can be managed local and remotely via a standard WEB interface or SNMP. Performance monitoring, system configuration and upgrading capabilities simplifies network management and operations.

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