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TriCaster Integration with Wireless Camera Links & Bonded Cellular

Published on Aug 31, 2017 | News

TriCaster Live Production Integration with Wireless Camera Links – Bonded Cellular


Integrate your TriCaster with Wireless Camera Links


Broadcast or Stream Live with Bonded Cellular

  • Eliminate the cables and clutter connecting your cameras to your Tricaster by using Wireless Camera Connectivity
  • Broadcast or Stream Live from Anywhere using Bonded Cellular Uplink Technology.
  • Transmit to your master control or stream to the web, Facebook, YouTube, UStream and more.
  • Sports video production at a price that leaves the competition behind.

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with Wireless Camera Connectivity and bonded Cellular Uplink

NewTek’s sports production solutions provide everything that teams, leagues, schools, and broadcasters need for complete on-air, live streaming, and in-venue sports production at any level, while meeting network standards for powerhouse visuals and real-time performance.

Produce a world-class fan experience. Dedicated replay with scores of built-in capabilities like dramatic slow motion and visual effects previously accessible only by top-tier networks.
Capture the action—anywhere. The right-sized integrated production system can go wherever the game happens, without sacrificing capabilities.
Monetize multi-branded programs. Feed fan frenzies on nearly any device. Customize multiple outputs for any network ID or sponsor brand.
Smash price-performance barriers. A single multi-camera video production system incorporates every part of the production workflow at a game-changing price.
Connect any source, anywhere. Design your sports productions based on the best, most exciting programs for your fans, not cabling or facility restrictions.

Your live sports productions can be everything you imagined.
Bigger. Bolder. Broader reach.

Growing your program means growing your audience—of fans, recruiters, and sponsors. NewTek TriCaster® and 3Play® fit your budget and space to supply the tools to expand those audiences with network-style shows for regional broadcast or delivery for live streaming direct to viewers.

TriCaster Sports

  • Breakthrough live video broadcast barriers with the most complete, all-in-one multi-camera production and replay systems.
  • Claim more on-air time with live productions that meet network brand standards for live broadcast—minus expensive distribution deals.
  • Widen your audience, monetize new revenue streams, and give recruiters, alumni, and fans easy access to anything team related.
  • Open the doors to live streaming multi platform delivery to reach viewers on any screen, anywhere.

Claim the home field advantage.


It all begins with fans in seats. Driving ticket sales value is why elevating the in-game experience is so important. Thrill your dedicated fans, and keep them coming back for more.

  • Rally team spirit with a superior game-day experience, complete with play-by-play in-game coverage and stunning video board programming.
  • Keep fans on their feet and arena energy flowing, with the drama of slow motion and instant replay from all angles of the live action.
  • Give superfans more what they crave. Easily publish live replays and create elegant highlights packages with the push of a button.

 Extend your brand.


Create new revenue opportunities by extending your brand. Produce pre-game, post-game, and coaches’ shows. And, leverage streaming video, your team’s website, and social media to build a deeper relationship with your fans.
  • Give audiences a game experience outside of the stadium—a shareable one, on any screen and multiple social channels.
  • Compose an entire viewing experience for every device with quick social media publishing integrated into NewTek’s multi-camera video production systems.
  • Provide content directly to your fans’ community sites, manage your brand’s social chatter, and watch your hashtags climb the rankings.
  • Dominate the pre- and post-game, directing the exact fan experience you envision.

Invest in your team and your show.


Business is the bottom line for sports producers with vans, trucks, fleets, or companies—in other words, with clients. Start by investing in production gear that does more than one job, while turning out high-end content that grows your audience.
  • Produce stand-out sports shows with turnkey systems that switch cameras, record all angles, replay at variable speed, overlay branded graphics, live stream, share to social, and so much more.
  • Deliver a higher production value, visuals, and analysis for die-hard and new fans, alike, to go deep into the game.
  • Accentuate every game day emotion, with the mixing of cameras, pre-produced packages, computer sources and high-end visuals, and 3D branded animations.

Integrate Wireless Camera Links with Your TriCaster

VidOlink Wireless HD SDI HDMI Link

VidOlink Wireless HD SDI HDMI Link

Eliminate the cables and clutter connecting your cameras to your TriCaster using wireless solutions from VidOvation.  Connect your cameras wirelessly to your TriCaster in your control room or production truck using the VidOlink Reacher 3000foot Wireless HD SDI and HDMI Video Wireless Link.



Broadcast Live Anywhere using Bonded Cellular

Combine the magic of bonded cellular with the NewTek TriCaster for the most flexible and cost-effective events coverage possible. Our new deal with NewTek lets us sell the TriCaster along with the best wireless technology on the market.  Take the TriCaster program out to the cloud, Facebook Live, or master control using Haivision Bonded Cellular system




Get the new VidOvation Sports Bundle:

• NewTek TriCaster with 4 inputs. Inputs are wireless up to 3000 feet Wireless camera setup x4

• VidOlink Reacher wireless setup for your camera x4

• Haivision Bonded Cellular system. Take the TriCaster program out to the cloud, Facebook Live, or master control

Bring your feeds into the TriCaster wirelessly and broadcast content out of the venue wirelessly, too. Combine the magic of bonded cellular with the NewTek TriCaster for the most flexible and cost effective events coverage possible. Our new deal with NewTek let’s us sell the TriCaster along with the best wireless technology on the market.

What events would you be able to cover if you had wireless technology at your fingertips?

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