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TrolleyLive, vPilot and IQ Sports Producer Revolutionizing Remote Broadcasting by Vislink MVP from VidOvation


At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2024 conference, innovation took center stage as industry leaders showcased cutting-edge solutions to address the evolving landscape of remote broadcasting. Among these trailblazers was Jim Jachetta, the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of VidOvation. In a virtual tour from their booth, Jachetta unveiled game-changing technologies aimed at streamlining remote production workflows and enhancing broadcasting capabilities.

VidOvation: Pioneering Remote Broadcasting Solutions:

VidOvation is a premier provider in the broadcasting industry, representing over 300 vendors and brands. Despite the logistical constraints of showcasing an extensive array of products at NAB 2024, Jachetta introduced innovative solutions from Vislink Mobile Viewpoint, highlighting their practicality and efficiency in remote broadcasting scenarios.

MVP TrolleyLive: Revolutionizing Remote Commentary:

One spotlighted innovation was the MVP TrolleyLive, a comprehensive integration of essential broadcasting components. This state-of-the-art system seamlessly combines a PTZ camera, bonded cellular technology, a high-resolution monitor, and Scarlett audio interfaces. Jachetta emphasized the significance of the MVP TrolleyLive, particularly in the context of remote commentary during unprecedented times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facilitating Remote Operations Amidst Challenges:

In the wake of the pandemic, remote work became a prevailing trend across various industries, including broadcasting. Jachetta noted the prevalent use of remote commentary setups by major media networks like ESPN, Fox News Channel, and CNN. With the MVP TrolleyLive, the need for on-site technicians and camera operators is mitigated, offering a streamlined solution that can be easily deployed and operated remotely, connecting to master control via cellular networks.

Innovative Studio Automation:

Expanding on Vislink Mobile Viewpoint’s portfolio, Jachetta introduced vPilot, a groundbreaking studio automation system designed to eliminate the necessity for camera operators. Leveraging advanced AI and infrared technology, vPilot intelligently tracks the faces of on-screen talent, facilitating seamless shot transitions and enhancing production quality. This innovative system adapts to the dynamic nature of studio environments, enabling smooth camera adjustments based on audio cues and speaker recognition.

Revolutionizing Sports Broadcasting with IQ Sports Producer:

Vislink Mobile Viewpoint’s IQ Sports Producer system represents another leap forward in broadcasting automation. Specifically tailored for sports productions, IQ Sports Producer utilizes AI algorithms to track players autonomously and the ball during live events, delivering a fully produced broadcast without the need for manual camera operation. This groundbreaking technology promises to redefine sports broadcasting, offering viewers immersive experiences with minimal human intervention.


As the broadcasting landscape evolves, innovation remains paramount in driving efficiency and enhancing viewer engagement. VidOvation’s showcase at NAB 2024, spearheaded by Jim Jachetta, underscores the industry’s commitment to revolutionizing remote broadcasting through cutting-edge technologies. With solutions like the MVP TrolleyLive, vPilot, and IQ Sports Producer, broadcasters are empowered to overcome challenges and deliver captivating content to audiences worldwide, marking a new era of efficiency and excellence in the broadcasting industry. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from VidOvation as they continue to push the boundaries of broadcasting innovation.


Hello. I’m Jim Jachetta, the CTO and co-founder of VidOvation. We’re at our booth at NAB 2024, conducting a virtual tour.

VidOvation, we represent 300 plus different vendors and brands. I couldn’t bring them all to the show. So, we have a few things from Vislink Mobile Viewpoint.

The first is the MVP TrolleyLive. It integrates a PTZ camera, bonded cellular, a monitor, and Scarlett audio interfaces.

So, where does this come in handy? Particularly during COVID, commentators were working from home. People weren’t coming to the office. Here in the US, you watch ESPN.

Many analysts and commentators on ESPN, Fox News Channel, or CNN broadcast from their offices or homes. So, something like this prevents the need to send the technician and a camera operator out into the field. This box and MVP TrolleyLive can be shipped.

As long as the operator can plug it into an outlet and power it on, it’ll connect to the master control via cellular. So this is a very popular unit. Also from Vislink Mobile Viewpoint, we don’t have the demo here in our stand, but it’s in the Vislink stand.

They have vPilot, which eliminates the need for camera operators in the studio. It uses AI and infrared technology to track the faces of the talent on camera in the studio.

So it’s meant for the studio. And it’ll switch shots. It’s usually a two- or three-camera system.

It’s configurable, and it works amazingly well. If I had another anchor here, it would listen to the audio and zoom in on me because I’m speaking right now. If my counterpart started speaking, it would slowly; either the second camera would take the feed, switch, or zoom out and zoom into the other talent. So it’s a very interesting system.

They also have a system called IQ Sports Producer, which will take a soccer game, track the ball and the players, and give you a fully produced sporting event, once again, without camera operators using AI. Thank you so much, and stay tuned for more videos from VidOvation.

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