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Troy Harrington joins the VidOvation Team

Published on Jun 12, 2014 | News

New Member: Troy Harrington

I’m proud to say I’ve joined the VidOvation team a few months ago. Straight out of California State University, Long Beach’s Marketing program, I knew I wanted to work an all encompassing, entrepreneurial marketing roll to gain as much experience as quickly as possible. Not surprisingly, the revolutionary nature of some of the technologies Jim is bringing to the broadcast & corporate a/v industry lead me straight to his company.

TheHarringtonPost.com - Troy Harrington - Marketing

You may have spoken to me regarding some of the unlicensed wireless and internet protocol video networking whitepapers we’ve recently put up. It’s also quite possible that we met at Cine Gear or you perhaps caught me stumbling around in the back of a VidOvation Webinar.

The point is, I’m happy to be here to help supply educational information to a/v engineers & IT leaders on alternative and custom video solutions, and VidOvation is on the cutting edge of that. Feel free to check out my blog at troyboymarketing.com

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