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TV Distribution, Digital Signage & Property Management at VidOvation booth – Indian Gaming Tradeshow

See what’s new from VidOvation and DirecTV, Vantiva, LG, Samsung & Agilysys at Indian Gaming Trade Show & Convention 2024

Visit the VidOvation booth, and we’ll buy you a coffee and a treat.

Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) and Chickasaw Nation preferred vendor


  • Exhibit Dates: April 9 – 11, 2024
  • Location: Booth # 1729, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
  • Show: Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention
  • Sponsor: Indian Gaming Association
  • Registration 
  • Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) and Chickasaw Nation preferred vendor
  • IP television distribution systems that use smart TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones, and tablets for an elevated in-room experience.
  • DirecTV Vantiva COM3000 / COM400 Satellite for Enterprise IPTV Live TV & VOD to Desktop Smart TV STB & Mobile Devices
  • In-room IP Television [IPTV] is integrated with property management systems like Agilysys.
  • Digital Signage is a cost-effective means of spreading your marketing messages and live television across your property using electronic displays and televisions.

Elevate your hospitality and entertainment experience to unprecedented levels with our state-of-the-art television distribution (IPTV) and digital signage solutions, meticulously crafted for hotels, casinos, resorts, live events, and various venues. Seamlessly integrate our system with your Property Management System (PMS) to amplify your Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR).

Enable on-TV ordering and effortlessly customize the application to cater to your unique requirements, ensuring a tailored experience for each guest. Our versatile platform empowers you to integrate leading television providers, including DirecTV, DISH Network, Cable, and over-the-air TV, into your IPTV and digital signage system, enhancing flexibility and choice.

Transform your space with captivating dynamic content, whether you’re enriching the ambiance of your venue or optimizing sports book offerings. Our solution integrates seamlessly with the VidOvation IPTV System, effortlessly connecting with a wide array of Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS). Explore a partial list of compatible systems, including but not limited to:

  • Agilysys LMS
  • Anand
  • AutoClerk
  • Comtrol
  • Disney LILO
  • Infor HMS
  • Jonas Club
  • Maestro
  • Marriott
  • Oracle/Micros/Opera
  • QV-PMS
  • RDP
  • Softbrands / Epitome
  • Springer-Miller
  • TimeShareWare

As consumers embark on their travel journey, every stage, from destination selection to hotel shopping, significantly impacts their overall guest experience. Hoteliers face the challenge of providing personalized guest experiences while efficiently managing business operations. Modern hotel PMS solutions play a pivotal role in meeting this challenge by facilitating the delivery of desired experiences while ensuring effective business management.

The benefits of Hotel PMS for hoteliers are extensive:

  1. Streamlined Operations: Streamline check-in and check-out processes, room assignments, housekeeping, and inventory management for enhanced operational efficiency.
  2. Personalized Guest Experience: Gather and analyze guest preferences and behavior to provide tailored services and experiences, fostering guest satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Real-Time Insights: Access real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions, optimize revenue strategies, and enhance guest satisfaction.
  4. Integrated Communication: Facilitate seamless communication between different hotel departments, ensuring coordinated efforts and superior guest service delivery.
  5. Enhanced Revenue Management: Utilize advanced revenue management tools to maximize room revenue and occupancy rates while minimizing distribution costs.

Elevate your guest experience and streamline hotel operations with VidOvation IPTV and its seamless integration capabilities. Experience the pinnacle of in-room entertainment and guest engagement with our comprehensive and adaptable television distribution and digital signage solutions.

IP Television & Digital Signage Distribution for the Casino & Resort

IPTV and Digital Signage are cost-effective means of spreading your marketing messages and live television across your property using electronic displays and televisions.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a cost-effective way of spreading a message or instructions throughout a building or area on electronic displays (such as LCD, LED or plasma displays). This cost-effective digital signage technology allows you to change or direct attention to a new message within a matter of seconds.

Hospitality IPTV

Mystic Lake Casino & Hotel IPTV and Digital Signage System

Digital Signage Questions to Ask Yourself

A big part of wireless digital signage is developing in a way that it provides value. You should only be installing a digital signage system that provides substantially more value than the cost of the system itself. This means you’ll want to focus on details during the planning stage. Who will be looking at these screens, and where is the best position to place them so the correct people can see them? How big should each screen be in each location, and how should they be mounted? Are any locations far from the reach of your network? Will you need to connect across the public internet for any reason? How do you intend to distribute content? How often? What kind of content is it, and who’s creating it and consuming it? Do the screens need to be interactive?

IPTV Headend Hospitality, Hotels & Casinos

IPTV Headend Hospitality, Hotels & Casinos



The Scheduling and Management Tools provide a means of using all the features of VidOSign, with special consideration to ease of use and flexibility. Several tools are available based on operation and environment. VidOSign can work in the following environments.

Stand-Alone: In this mode, the VidOSign is a stand-alone system, but can be connected to a network as required for management and scheduling purposes. In this case user may log on remotely to VidOSign or use the local tools. Additionally, tools may use network resource through network programming. Group of networked VidOSign’s managed by Server: This is the most sophisticated mode
where a group of VidOSign’s can be deployed in a network and a back-end Server is used to manage them. Most of the advanced features are only found in this mode.

Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel – VidOvation IPTV Customer

In-room Television (IPTV) and Agilysys Property Management Integration

Using IPTV to Ensure a Better Experience at Your Hotel

Cloud Property Management Systems for Hotels & Resorts – Fully Integrated with VidOvation IPTV – Agilysys

Cutting-edge Cloud-native Solutions for the Hospitality Industry. Agilysys provides the most comprehensive and functionally rich hospitality software suite, delivering an exceptional guest experience from start to finish.

Cutting-edge Cloud-native Solutions for the Hospitality Industry.

Agilysys provides the most comprehensive and functionally rich hospitality software suite, delivering an exceptional guest experience from start to finish.


The Leader in Hospitality Software

“Today’s guests expect a contactless and convenient hotel experience. Agilysys offers the most comprehensive hospitality software portfolio with the most advanced features available in the market. We help deliver an exceptional experience throughout the guest journey, leading to increased revenue, customer loyalty, and improved operational efficiency.”

We Serve Hospitality Everywhere

Our guest-centric technology solutions have been purpose-built to serve the unique needs of these hospitality sectors:

Contact VidOvation today to learn more about Agilysys Property Management Systems and the integration with VidOvation IPTV Systems for hotels, resorts, casinos, and hospitality. Call or schedule a meeting today. [Click]


Hospitality In-room IP Television and Property Management Systems


Using IPTV to Ensure a Better Experience at Your Hotel


Delivering a personalized, attentive experience to each guest and keeping your hotel cost-effective can seem like competing goals. It’s the challenge of every hotelier to meet or exceed stay experience expectations and operate their hotel on comfortable margins. IPTV can help you achieve that better experience without making too large of a dent in your operating costs. You might be surprised about the applications that IPTV can assist you with, from better housekeeping to easier check-in and check-out. Your IPTV system integrates with your PMS in order to offer more.

Here is how you can use IPTV to ensure your guests have a better experience at your hotel.

Promote Your Best Services or Amenities

When your guests arrive at your hotel, they may not have a clear understanding of the services and amenities that you offer. Using your IPTV program, you can showcase the services or amenities that your guest might most want to use. When you integrate your IPTV program with your PMS, you also have a better idea of which amenities any specific segment of guests might be most interested in. This targeted advertising can help you appeal to each guest’s own personal wants and enhance their experience.

Replace Brochures and Other Paper

Having important information on hand for your guests is important to help them enjoy their experience while in town. However, not many guests are willing to read brochures or other pamphlets these days. Using your IPTV system, you can broadcast all of the information to your guests, including nearby transport options, the best attractions and more. Unlike paper, IPTV broadcasts are simple to update when things change.

Integration with Your PMS

Your hotel’s property management system is the digital backbone of the building. VidOvation’s IPTV system can integrate with yours. Systems we work with include:

  • Agilysys LMS
  • Anand
  • AutoClerk
  • Comtrol
  • Disney LILO
  • Infor HMS
  • Jonas Club
  • Maestro
  • Marriott
  • Oracle/Micros/Opera
  • QV-PMS
  • RDP
  • Softbrands / Epitome
  • Springer-Miller
  • TimeShareWare

Leverage Guest Data

When you collect guest information, you need to keep it secure. But your PMS system can also help you leverage that information to provide a better experience. That includes offering different packages or promoting different amenities depending on the segment of guests you have staying with you that day. There are many ways to use guest data to improve what you offer over your IPTV system.

Boost Sales, Improve Reviews

Delivering movies and television shows on demand is important for your guest’s experience and can help close sales and beat your competition. You may also improve your reviews and get a stronger retention rate on serial guests.

Get VidOvation’s IPTV at Your Hotel

Our team of experts is standing by to help you get the IPTV system you need to offer a more personalized experience to every guest—without adding too much to your operating costs.

Contact our team to ask questions about integration with your PMS or to get started.

About Indian Gaming Association

The Indian Gaming Association is a non-profit organization of sovereign tribal nations with other non-voting associate members representing organizations, tribes, and businesses in tribal gaming enterprises around the country. As the go-to resource for the community on education, legislation, and public policy issues, the Indian Gaming Association works to advance the social, economic, and political success of its members and the Indian community at large.

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Learn how Paramount / ViacomCBS Reduces Costs by Keeping an Eye on the Production Floor With IPTV from VidOvation

By using VidOvation IPTV to deliver live internal studio feeds, DirecTV, and playout of its own content, Paramount / ViacomCBS can monitor quality control during production and distribution.

In this training session, attendees will learn how to design a successful, impressive, cost-effective IPTV and digital signage system that suits your unique requirements and budget, including:

  • How to stream live video off-site to remote customers and employees working at home
  • What’s needed to successfully implement and support live TV distribution to every device – Smart TVs, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, computer desktops, and more
  • Learn how to distribute live television from DirecTV, Dish Network, cable, Over-The-Air TV, internal live feeds, studio feeds, and more
  • Connect your Master Control Routing Switch outputs to the IPTV system for distribution across the enterprise.
  • How to integrate a video-on-demand capability and full, multiplatform content library
  • How to identify red flags and avoid the top costly project mistakes
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) related legal issues at stake
  • Fully integrated Digital Signage with the VidOvation IPTV system or the integration of virtually any third-party digital signage or media player.

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