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Digital Rights Management for Enterprise IPTV with DirecTV, Dish Network & Cable

Published on Sep 27, 2016 | Users Guides - Education

Pro:Idiom & Verimatrix Digital Rights Management for IPTV with DirecTV, Dish Network & Cable

Why do I need Digital Rights Management or DRM?

The major studios, DirecTV, DISH Network and other television and media distribution providers all require some form of Digital Rights Management or DRM.

You can not legally distribute, store or record any media or television content without a Studio approved DRM system.

As we understand it, the Digital Rights Management (DRM) rules agreed upon by DirecTV, Dish Networks, and the Studios are going to be more strictly enforced now that AT&T and DirecTV have merged. DRM encrypts the video streams when we distribute video over an IP network. This prevents high definition or HD content from theft or piracy. How are you addressing the new DRM requirements?

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Studio Approved DRM Legally Required

There are three approved DRM  systems, Pro:Idiom, Verimatrix, and Cisco.  The VidOvation IPTV system fully integrates with BOTH Pro:Idiom and Verimatrix DRM.   The Cisco system is cost prohibitive for most and is a Digital Signage System modified for Live TV.  The VidOvation IPTV has better performance than Cisco when it comes to Live Television and Video On Demand.  Our set-top box has proven to be more reliable and is 1/6 the cost of Cisco.   VidOvation offers Digital Signage, Emergency Alert and back office integration for many industries and applications.   Our API permits integration with virtually any enterprise software and system.

While VidOvation IPTV supports Pro:Idiom DRM, depending on the installation,  it is beneficial to have Pro:Idiom turned off, and Verimatrix DRM implemented instead.  Verimatrix DRM offers great flexibility to stream live television and media to the computer desktop, mobile devices, and tablets.

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IPTV without Pro:Idiom

The Pro:Idiom Digital Rights Management (DRM) system is used in hotels, hospitals, enterprises, casinos, universities, hospitality venues, government and military bases and more for the deployment of high-definition television (HDTV). There are multiple places where this can quickly become an issue. For example, perhaps you already have TV’s and Set Top Boxes (STB’s) that don’t support Pro:Idiom. Maybe you also want to stream to computers and smart devices. Maybe you want IPTV, but don’t think your organization can afford it. So what can we do about Pro:Idiom?

How we do IPTV without Pro:Idiom

We get Pro:Idiom turned off. We offer a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system that is approved by satellite providers such as Dish Network or DirecTV. This allows us to make your IPTV system compatible with your existing Set Top Boxes with a special firmware we provide. Assuming you do want to add or replace old Set Top Boxes, we suggest using Amino set top boxes. Our middle-ware ties the system together with all the features you would want in an IPTV system. Live TV, Time Shifted TV (catch-up TV / start-over TV), Video-on-Demand, an Electronic Program Guide, TV Internet, Etc.

Why we do IPTV without Pro:Idiom

We’re the only ones who stream to desktops and smart devices. A typical enterprise video networking system is only going to allow for distribution to particular displays and TVs due to the restrictions inherent to Pro:Idiom. We need to access our content right over the corporate wide area network, and that means the desktop, the laptop, and smart devices are a must. The way we function and interact in the business setting is rapidly changing. We are not bound to the displays in our offices, break rooms, hallways, lobbies, etc. We need to access our corporate content right at our fingertips. This is an absolute necessity for your enterprise content delivery network. That is why we work around Pro:Idiom.


IPTV without Pro:Idiom

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