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University & School – Video Networking IPTV Systems (Webinar)

University & Schools – Video Networking Webinar

Join the Video Networking & IPTV Webinar for Universities and Schools on Thursday, Oct 2nd at 11 AM PT!

IPTV and Video Networking for University

What will I learn? 

  • How to use IPTV for the university campus and dorm rooms
  • How to stream live video to the classroom or devices and E-learning applications
  • How to store a digital library with Video-on-Demand accessibility
  • How to integrate with or upgrade your digital signage and surveillance

We want to educate you on cutting-edge video networking design in the university setting. We’ve developed a particularly low cost way to implement this system. It’s easily deployed, maintained, scaled and expanded. Not to mention it eliminates the need for RF Coax & it’s HD compatible. Feel free to join our webinar to learn more!

We offer the best way to learn the best way to implement this type of system. There are many ways to cut your costs and still achieve great quality. We’ve already uncovered the best way to go about this. Each implementation has it’s own unique set of hurdles, we will try to cover the more common ones in our upcoming webinar.

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