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Unveiling the Future of Private Wireless Networks: A Comprehensive Look at 5G LAN Solutions

Published on Nov 4, 2023 | Private LTE 5G CBRS

The future is now, and it’s all about private 5G LAN networks. Private LTE, private 4G, and private 5G networks all operate on the Citizens Broadcast Radio Service (CBRS).

CBRS is a frequency previously used primarily by the U.S. Navy and ground satellites. It runs between 3.5 GHz and 3.7 GHz, providing a lower latency than standard traditional Wi-Fi networks.

CBRS offers a wide range of benefits and uses to business-end users. It has more than ten times the coverage of Wi-Fi and is up to four times faster. It also uses SIM authentication for enhanced security.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at one of the uses of CBRS—the 5G LAN network.

What is 5G LAN and How Does it Work?

LAN stands for local area network. It refers to the connection of various devices and technology throughout one location, such as an office or a library. 5G LAN is therefore a wireless network designed for a specific organization and its bespoke infrastructure.

A private 5G network LAN is easily integrated into existing technology. It operates at a high capacity for reduced lag, even when being used by a large group of individuals and devices. It’s particularly useful for robotics and mobile projects.

5G LAN vs. Regular LAN

A traditional LAN network operates on standard Wi-Fi. A 5G LAN operates on a private 5G network. You get the same privacy and control as a traditional LAN with maximum speed, capacity, and mobility.

A 5G LAN integrates with your company’s current IT infrastructure. The setup and use are simple and allow for maximum control and scalability. Connectivity in a 5G LAN is predictable and easily customized to the goals of your business and the uses you intend it for.

What’s Involved in 5G LAN?

5G LAN integrates multiple systems to make it function smoothly. There are many components involved in the inner workings of a 5G LAN setup. Some of the factors involved include:

Infrastructure Settings

The infrastructure of 5G LAN is unique. They’re designed this way to meet specific needs for your business and connectivity environment. One of the ways they’re unique is in the use of small cells. Small cells are a simple way of saying cellular radio access nodes. These small cells are installed indoors or outdoors as needed.

Small cells work by narrowing the focus of wide area coverage into your LAN, a condensed area of coverage. The small cells let your private 5G LAN network transfer inside and outside your building despite connectivity being poor outside.

Private Frequency Bands

5G operates on a low, mid, and high band for three unique capabilities. The low band has slower speeds but a large reach, the mid band rests somewhere in the middle, and the high band has fast speeds but a smaller reach.

The private spectrum on which 5G operates is dedicated to your company’s communication and connectivity. The frequency bands and spectrum in question here is the CBRS. CBRS is also sued for private LTE networks and private 4G networks.

A big benefit to a 5G LAN operating on the private CBRS spectrum is that you don’t need to purchase a license individually. You can begin using the frequency faster and integrate it more seamlessly.

Network Slicing

Network slicing is one of the biggest advantages of a 5G core network. This innovative feature lets you create a variety of virtual networks in your shared infrastructure. As the name sounds, network slicing slices your network up into different processes. This lets your 5G LAN focus on more than one task at a time without slowing down or losing connectivity.

AI-Driven Tasks with Edge

Edge computing is a big part of what makes 5G LAN networks so attractive. Edge computing puts data closer to the original source, lowering latency and speeding up responses. This lets you enjoy real-time reporting and processes, making AI-driven tasks a synch. Edge computing also supports IoT tasks.

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