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Using Digital Signage to Tell Your Brand’s Story


Published on Jul 10, 2019 | Digital Signage

The average member of the public is now spending more time looking at a device than ever before. They’re taking laptops with them on business trips across the country. They’re using their cell phone and tablet to check and respond to emails. And they’re watching engaging content on Smart TVs that allow them ever-greater levels of control over how they consume content. Now, your brand has an unprecedented opportunity to reach large audiences through digital devices. In this post, we’ll explore the power of using digital signage to tell your brand story.

Increase Recall and Retention

One of the keys for any branding campaign is to increase the rate at which the customer recalls your brand name and retains this information for the future. The data shows that the digital media recall rate is 83%, which is far higher than the recall rate of traditional media options.

Transmit Information to a Larger Audience

Data from the medical care industry shows that digital signage with waiting times can help to decrease the perceived waiting time for care. This is a critical advantage for any business. Providing service users with access to information in real-time helps provide a sense of control and limits confusion, which can add to the frustration with the service experience.

Build an Immersive Branding Experience

Companies are now harnessing digital signage to provide their customers with an immersive branding experience. This can be critical, for example, when your brand wishes to increase its upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

You can use digital signage to provide customers with instant information about their products and increase the number of impulse purchases at POS areas. The engaging nature of digital signage means that customers are more likely to take the information you provide and make a purchase from your brand.

Stream Video Content Easily

With traditional media, the creation and dissemination of video content are too expensive for all but the established brands. Digital signage makes the process of showcasing video content simple. With the push of a button, you can send a promotional video message to all Smart televisions in a building, ensuring fast, seamless deployment of quality digital content.

Enhanced Back-End Data

While traditional media campaigns might be able to give you basic information about the number of audiences you reached with your content, digital campaigns are changing the way data is used in advertising. Digital signage and digital promotional content can be effectively tracked to allow you to learn more about how your target market is consuming your promotional material. This can be critical in not only analyzing your current campaigns and allocating resources according to real-time figures but also in forming new campaigns. With each new digital campaign created, your company can build on its past results to meet its future objectives.

Reduced Costs

Another clear benefit of digital signage is that it can help to reduce the cost of your marketing campaigns. You’ll have the ability to market your content to millions of people while reducing your overall advertising costs considerably. For example, a hotel might deploy IPTV digital signage in guest rooms to show customized content to each of their guests. Because the cost to create personalized content is reduced, the company can better connect with its target audience and maximize the ROI from its promotional campaigns.

Blending Social Media Campaigns

Studies show that 92% of consumers trust peer-to-peer recommendations over more traditional forms of advertising. This gives companies deploying IPTV signage a great advantage over their competitors.

Digital signage, whether sent via a mobile device to a customer or deployed on a smart television as part of an interactive media experience, allows the customers to give real-time feedback via social media. Companies can link their social media campaigns directly to the device to allow for an instant connection to your online audience. This is another way in which digital signage is now helping companies maximize their cross-promotional opportunities across a range of industries.

Brand Experience Building

Turn to VidOvation for Digital Signage Services

Our VidOvation digital signage is designed to help your company capitalize on these many benefits of digital promotions. Our signage can run on all VidOvation end-points, including Smart TVs, desktop, mobile devices, and TVs with set-top boxes. Using our system for digital signage also means you can instantly provide important information to your employees, including breaking news and emergency alerts, enabling your team to improve the customer service experience. It’s the next step forward in interactive marketing.

To get your quote or to learn more about our company and our work with IPTV and digital signage, call today.

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