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Using IPTV to Ensure a Better Experience at Your Hotel

Published on Feb 21, 2023 | IPTV

Delivering a personalized, attentive experience to each guest and keeping your hotel cost-effective can seem like competing goals. It’s the challenge of every hotelier to meet or exceed stay experience expectations and operate their hotel on comfortable margins. IPTV can help you achieve that better experience without making too large of a dent in your operating costs. You might be surprised about the applications that IPTV can assist you with, from better housekeeping to easier check-in and check-out. Your IPTV system integrates with your PMS in order to offer more.

Here is how you can use IPTV to ensure your guests have a better experience at your hotel.

Promote Your Best Services or Amenities

When your guests arrive at your hotel, they may not have a clear understanding of the services and amenities that you offer. Using your IPTV program, you can showcase the services or amenities that your guest might most want to use. When you integrate your IPTV program with your PMS, you also have a better idea of which amenities any specific segment of guests might be most interested in. This targeted advertising can help you appeal to each guest’s own personal wants and enhance their experience.

Replace Brochures and Other Paper

Having important information on hand for your guests is important to help them enjoy their experience while in town. However, not many guests are willing to read brochures or other pamphlets these days. Using your IPTV system, you can broadcast all of the information to your guests, including nearby transport options, the best attractions and more. Unlike paper, IPTV broadcasts are simple to update when things change.

Integration with Your PMS

Your hotel’s property management system is the digital backbone of the building. VidOvation’s IPTV system can integrate with yours. Systems we work with include:

  • Agilysys LMS
  • Anand
  • AutoClerk
  • Comtrol
  • Disney LILO
  • Infor HMS
  • Jonas Club
  • Maestro
  • Marriott
  • Oracle/Micros/Opera
  • QV-PMS
  • RDP
  • Softbrands / Epitome
  • Springer-Miller
  • TimeShareWare

Leverage Guest Data

When you collect guest information, you need to keep it secure. But your PMS system can also help you leverage that information to provide a better experience. That includes offering different packages or promoting different amenities depending on the segment of guests you have staying with you that day. There are many ways to use guest data to improve what you offer over your IPTV system.

Boost Sales, Improve Reviews

Delivering movies and television shows on demand is important for your guest’s experience and can help close sales and beat your competition. You may also improve your reviews and get a stronger retention rate on serial guests.

Get VidOvation’s IPTV at Your Hotel

Our team of experts is standing by to help you get the IPTV system you need to offer a more personalized experience to every guest—without adding too much to your operating costs.

Reach out to our team to ask questions about integration with your PMS or to get started.

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