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Is Satellite Dead?

Last updated Feb 5, 2018 | Published on May 1, 2016 | News

Bonded cellular uplinks such as Haivision’s Broadcast-grade DMNG PRO180 offer a higher level of reliability and sophistication

Seen this question before? We’ve been talking about it for years. Many agree the answer is still no, satellite is not dead… but it is expensive!

So what’s stopping us from abandoning satellite video contribution for a low-cost alternative like bonded cellular video transport?

Bonded Cellular Newsgathering

We’ve witnessed cellular network expansion, the introduction of 4G/LTE and the perfection of bonded cellular video uplinks by manufacturers like Haivision. So what’s holding us back?

Truth be told, broadcasters transmit their video as if souls were on board! For a major broadcast video transmission, the possibility of an over-crowded cellular network causing a dropout is unacceptable. 3G/4G uplink solutions are small, cheap, light, fast, and simple, but will they always be a second choice to their predecessors due to reliability factors?

Absolutely not! The question is about choosing the right tool for the job. At the end of the day, cellular is another tool in our belt to help us. As of this writing, bonded cellular dominates in terms of price, simplicity, maneuverability, and adaptability.

These units work very well in most situations. In many cases, bonded cellular is the optimal choice simply due to cost savings. Freeing up capital for other expenses is one of the primary reasons for the recent success of cellular providers. Money is saved by deploying a slim crew (sometimes one person) to efficiently capture and contribute the live video content back to master control. Cellular also enables us to capture video in new areas and in new ways than before, handling a wide variety of situations that other systems simply cannot adapt to. Many times, we see people reach for bonded cellular simply because it’s easier to handle. In some cases, bonded cellular is the only choice. Consider the environment below!

bonded cellular contributionRegardless of all of the advantages, a remarkable reliability is still of the utmost importance. If you are searching for a reliable bonded cellular solution, I urge you to consider Haivision. Broadcast-grade bonded cellular uplinks such as Haivision’s DMNG PRO180 offer a higher level of reliability and sophistication. Haivision is aiming to be the broadcast-grade version of 3G/4G uplinks. Their proprietary technical design enables the improved handling of harsh & inconsistent environments. It may be just the tool you are looking for.

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